Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rain Forest Cafe

When I first move to the United States in year 2002 my sister took me to Rain Forest Cafe in Mall of American, Minneapolis.  I thought this place was pretty cool and I always wanted to go back there especially with the hubs. We never made it there!

So when we moved down here to Texas and I saw Rain Forest Cafe again I always wanted to go there again with him but the wait for a table is forever long. Last Sunday hubs and I decided to take our little guy shopping and since we were there so early there was no waiting at all and we took the opportunity to dine there.

The interior is really nice, cool and calm. They make thunder noise every 30 minutes and the animals move then too. Lots of aquarium with lots of different type of fish and even a water fall inside too. Lucky my baby didn't cry like some when the thunder comes out. He cried when we hired someone to make a ballon for him because they were trying to blow the ballon up. lol. We asked the guy to make a dog for him and within seconds he undid his ballon!! What a waste of our money!

I started my meal with a clam chowder soup which was really yummy! Making me crave for it just thinking about it. Taste so different from the can ones! Hubby had a Cesar Salad which I forgot to take a picture of it! Lol

For our main meal I had a pastalaya or something like that. It was suppose to be a spicy pasta with sausage, chicken, shrimp and some vegetables. It was ok nothing to shout about. I actually regret getting this because it was not something I love but would just eat it since is not horrible. It was not bad but it was not something I expected. It also came with their bread which was pretty good but it was slightly oily and so hubs and I didn't eat much of our bread. 

Because I ordered the pasta and it was suppose to be slightly spicy hubby decided to order the fish and chips so that he can share it with our little guy. The fish and chips was pretty good but our little guy didn't even eat much of it so he could have actually ordered something he wanted instead of fried fish. 

I wanted some fries so we ordered a side of fries and instead of chips with hub's fish he got their mashed potatoes instead which tasted very good I would say! I love their fries too! Our little man truly enjoyed the fries and he actually loved dipping the fries with ketchup! At 19 months he now knows how to point at the ketchup and demand ketchup with his fries. Kids now a days you don't need to teach them at all! They just see what you do and learn from you!!

The bill came out to $60 plus without tip for 2 adults and a toddler. We would definitely come back here again sometime in the future if there is not a long line again. 

Rainforest Cafe - Katy Mills
5000 Katy Mills Circle
Katy, TX  77494 
(281) 644-6200

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