Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yummy Steak Marinade

Hubby is not a huge fan of steak.  He said that he's never made a really piece of steak at home so he rather not make them at home and go out to have a yummy piece of juicy steak once in a while.  I've been wanting steak off and on here and there and I rather make it at home sometime (so much cheaper than going to a steak house). We went to costco to get some steak for $7.99/lb (don't remember what cut). We divided them into two slices and when I have craving for steak I will defrost a packet to thaw. We got 6/8 pieces in a packet hence my stash is almost gone. Only one more packet left.

Anyway I was browsing in food.com and I came across this steak marinade recipe with excellent review! I decided to give it a try when I made steaks for our Valentine's Day dinner and I never looked back! This recipe is super yummy and not only I love it so much hubby loves his steak too!


1 Tablespoon olive oil
3-4 Garlic cloves minced (Original recipe use 1) - I substitute it with garlic powder when I made it the second time
1 Tablespoon A1 Sauce (Original recipe used Worcestershire Sauce)
1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (Original recipe use balsamic vinegar or white vinegar)
1 Teaspoon of Yellow Mustard
1 Tablespoon of soy sauce


1. Mix all ingredients together and place steak in freezer bag with marinate preferably overnight. (I marinate it about 2-4 hrs first time and it still taste yummy!!)

2. For medium doneness: Place steak on heated grill grate on High heat and close lid for about 5 minutes flip the steak and close lid for another 5 minutes (depends in the thickness of your steak) for a total of about 10 minutes will produce a medium doneness on a 1inch thick steak on a Weber Q Gas Grill.

3. Remove from grill and let steak rest.

Now hubby don't even mind having steak at home more often because he likes the way I cook the steak! He said that he don't mind having steak at home if it taste good.

Used to cook my steak on my cast iron pan and it does make really yummy steak! But not only do I have to use the stove I had to use my oven to cook the steak too (was not very fond of it in summer). The reason why I didn't use grill to cook the steak was because we only had a weber charcoal grill thought we love the charcoal grill it was a pain for me because I would have to start the charcoal and made sure it stayed lit (not always happens) and made sure the coal is hot enough hence it can be a huge since I have my little boy and he don't like me to leave his sight for long. In December/ January hubs finally agreed that we should get a gas grill! (He insisted that we had to have the weber charcoal grill) I wanted to get just a cheap gas grill so I can actually use the grill even when hubby is not around to help because now I can only use it when he's here. Hubby when and looked at some cheap ones <$150 ones and he said he can't bring himself to buy POS (piece of shit) that will not lasts! Well me on the other hand didn't  to spend a ton of money buying another gas grill not knowing if we will use it all the time or if we would like it!

Anyway, I browse through Tammy's recipe and she was saying how her husband loves his weber and how her husband grill such yummy food (tried her garlic lemon pepper chicken it was delicious!). So happen the grill her husband has has really good review and the same time hubby was actually looking at that grill!! He wanted to get that grill too!! As soon as I mentioned it to him he was estactic caused he knew we would get that since we both actually agree on an item without him needing to tell me! So we actually got the Weber Q Gas Grill. It was slightly more (about $300) than I wanted to spend because we actually got the propane adapter and the stand for the grill too. We have used often now and I actually grill food without having to wait for hubby!!

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