Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homegrown Eggplant II

I eggplant has been producing more eggplant. I've had about 5 eggplants since my last harvest. I had to throw away 2 because I didn't pick the eggplants and I don't think that is edible anymore so I threw the 2 in the decomposing bin. I quickly picked up the 3 eggplant that looks edible.

My plants are actually growing pretty good every since I try to water my plants more. Even my ONLY tomato plants is producing tomatoes. So far 3 ripe ones and more in the plant. My chili plants are producing a lot of yummy chilies too..

The weather is summer to get below freezing this Friday and Saturday night and early morning I'm going to have to take in the plants or cover them. Hopefully I'll remember to move my lazy butt to bring in all the plants if I still want them to grow.


2crazydogs said...

If when I move to TX I will be planting my own vegetables too. What's the temp in Houston? over here we finally had our first significant snow fall. I reckon my driveway had at least 7 inches of snow.

Sunshine said...

We actually had snow last Friday..Not many and didn't stick but we did get snowed. My ONLY tomato plant is already dead because I didn't cover it. Not sure if the eggplant made it. I still have my lemon grass covered because it was below freezing last night. It's been pretty chilly at night some night below freezing today is chilly too. Sometimes is nice out especially under the sun.

I heard about the snow storm u guys have there. Who shoveled?

2crazydogs said...

Yeah, I heard about the snow fall in Houston. Hubs told me they had some snow too but never stick tho temps are chillier than normal but he can tahan but not the sister and mom. He set his room temp (his living quarters is separated from the main area) to 67F, his mom's side they set the temp to 78 - 80F. OMG!!! I will be roasting and suffocating. I only set my temp in my house to 65 the max if not it gets stuffy.

Sunshine said...

78-80 is too hot and stuffy in the house! We have ours set at 65 but it still gets chilly sometimes but we just leave it because we don't want the house to get stuffy..


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