Saturday, August 1, 2009

Homegrown Eggplant

I had a decent size garden the few years that we had our own house up North. I didn't have a garden last year because we had plans to move down here to Houston middle of Summer hence we were going to sell the house therefore decided on not starting a garden. We were not going to have a garden here when we moved down last July because we were renting and we had no time to care for a garden. I tried planting some chili padi plant but it didn't work.

This year we also don't have a garden because I didn't feel like dealing with a garden just yet and I don't know where I want my garden to be. I started a bunch of vegetables in door but the only one survived! I am so horrible because I didn't bother to take care of it. The only one that survived because I potted my tomato plant in a pot. I then planted some chili padi which is growing but is not producing any chili. I bought two egg plant from the store and managed to kill one of them ( I don't know what's going on with my ability to grown vegetables this year; I wasn't that bad up North!). Last month I was getting desperate because my chili padi plant is not producing anything therefore I when I was at Lowes I decided to get some chili plant. Not chili padi but plants that I'm hoping will produce some fire hot chilies.

Anyway the ONE egg plant that I have has been really good to me. It produced ONE eggplant for me a couple months ago but I didn't pick it because it was so small. Anyway when I decided to pick it and ignore the size it was so old hence I just dump it in my decomposing bin. Thankfully the plant decided to produce more eggplant.
My two tiny eggplant. Better than nothing right? I'm pretty proud of it although the plant hasn't really justify the price I paid to get it. I could have just bought the eggplant from the store and save my time and effort to plant it. Hopefully there will be more eggplant coming to make my money worth.

My ONLY tomato plant has flowers but not producing any fruits. I read somewhere that they sprayed some sugar water and the bugs/bees helped germinate the flowers. Hopefully I will get some tomatoes soon. *fingers cross*

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