Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun Filled Day? NOPE

My skin flares up pretty bad once in a while with acne. I've been meaning to see a dermatologist for quite some time now. I've been complaining but not do anything for a long time and finally Uncle Richie and hubby made me make an appointment to see the dermatologist. The first one I called that Aunt L goes to will be going to war soon so I had to look for another one. We went on our insurance website and found a few so I called and made an appointment. That was two months ago. I was finally able to see the dermatologist after waiting this long and was actually getting excited because I hope that he can help me with my acne.

On the other hand, hubby's been sick since for quite some time now. I initially made an appointment for him to go see a doctor the first week of next month because we wanted to get a referral so he could do some test to see if he had sleep apnea. Anyway since he was coughing so bad I was freaking out that it might be H1N1 so I called again to bring forward the appointment to Friday because that's when he has a little time since he's busy at work. This morning I got a text from Aunt L asking if the hubs is still not feeling well. I told her that he's still not feeling well and this few days is getting worst but I've already scheduled him to see a doctor on Friday. Aunt L and his other bosses at work were freaked out because they are afraid that he might have H1N1 too and she immediately told me to reschedule his appointment and see if hubs could go in today if not he should go to urgent care to see what's wrong with him. So I had to call the doctor's office again hoping that they could reschedule him for today and thankfully they had openings.

My appointment was at 10:45am and his appointment was at 10am. I was not able to go to the appointment with him because I needed to leave the house by 10am (thankfully I did because that place was a cluster!construction every where and limited parking) to get to my appointment on time. I could not reschedule because I don't know when would I be able to get in again if I did(when I was at the dermatologist office I heard October!). When I finally able to meet the dermatologist I think then spend less than 10 minutes with me after I waited for him for god knows how long..argghh...He seems pretty nice and everything but I just felt like he's a freaky nerdy looking type however he's still nice and I should not judge him :P (says hubby). Anyway I am not sure what to think about him. He told me to tell him a little about myself and he didn't even ask me what product or make up I'm using. He just prescribed me some topical solution and recommended Sun block for my face because I asked him to. I am not sure whether he's that good at his job that he just needs to look at me and prescribed me the solution or that he's just not that competent. What ever it is hubs and Uncle Richie thinks that I should use the topical solution (I think I've used something this before when I was in Malaysia but different brand) so I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.

Hubby on the other hand thankfully did not have H1N1 he however has bronchitis. The doctor prescribed him some strong antibiotic and inhaler (like for asthma). I guess the doctor is not worried about the hubs getting H1N1 at all. Hopefully the medications will help me heal faster. I went to the Chinese Herb Store last Sunday after Dim Sum and got some herbal stuff to boil for hubby to drink and surprisingly hubby don't mind them and is drinking it when told.

After everything said and done for me and hubs we went out for lunch so that I could get his prescription for him and fill it since I'm going to have to fill my prescription anyway.

I think we are also done eating out for a long time because we've been eating out everyday (we ate out last night too) almost every meal for the last 5-6 days. I told hubby that we need to eat at home for the next week or so because it does get costly after several meals.


2crazydogs said...

My skin use to flare up a lot. Then i started not to touch my face with my hands, or even let the boys lick my face or touching my face on them, coz i love to hug them. It's better now, very little breakout except for a few once a month during 'tai yee mah" visits.

Good to hear your hubby has not H1N1, that is scary with bronchitis, too. And he listen so well, huh, drinks all the chinese herb you boiled for him. What is that you boiled? Sweet tasting? I made the instant "Gwai leng koh" my hubs won't even touch it. He said the color (black) turns him off!

Sunshine said...

My skins flare up here and there. When I first move to the US my skin flared up so very bad that my mom was freaked out seeing me 4 months later. I think it was the new environment, food and stress that time. Now, sometimes it gets pretty bad sometimes is just fine. During my tai yee mah's visit it can be bad too but then sometimes just no reason it will flare up. I used to ask the hubs if he thought it was because of the boys too but he didn't think so because I've been like this since he met me. The dermatologist didn't think it was because of the boys too.

You know what's funny the hubs don't like to drink the leong sui that I think is sweet. I thought he would like the red dates leong sui but he said it taste like barks.LOL..He like the lo hon ko and honey dates leong sui. I made gwai leng koh the other day too (instant one) but I messed it up so I didn't offer him but I think he might try..He's very picky with all these things. I don't blame them actually since they are not born with all these kind of food. Does ur hub like dim sum?

2crazydogs said...

I hate all these flare ups, too. Sometimes they are those big red ones with no puss in them, they heard so bad!! i still have those occasionally. Use acne cream also no help.

Yeah, I don't blame them too, but for my hubs, anything with red dates, wolfberries (can't remember what you call in in cantonese!), mutt choe, etc, he will say no thank you. Boil soup, he will eat with cracker instead of with rice or plain! Funny tho.

Yes, my hubby loves dim sum and chinese food, those authentic ones. He don't go for Leeann Chin's anymore. he said all those are tipu gwai loh ones! It was funny to hear that from him.


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