Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steak Dinner

I was going to make hubby take me out for dinner but then it looked like it was going to rain heavily later so I decided not to instead searched my refrigerator and my freezer to see what I can whip up. I also was on a roll on thinking that I would cook the whole week instead of eating out but who am I kidding I know we would go out and eat at LEAST once a week. I then figured is only Wednesday so we should eat in instead of out and eat out later of the week.

I managed to find some steak that I marinated before putting it in the freezer. I don't even remember what cut is this steak since hubby was the one who bought this steak. The steak was tough and hard and I'm not sure it is because I cooked the steak in my cast iron pan on the stove or because of the cut of this steak. This is part of the reason why hubby and I don't really cook steak at home because we don't really know how to make yummy steak. I figured if I eat it in the restaurant I they are more professional hence would make better steak than me.

Apart from steak I stir fry some onions, green and yellow peppers and mushrooms with some butter for our side dish. I also sprinkled some garlic salt and garlic powder to the veggies. I wanted some garlic bread to go with our dinner so I quickly took a bun that I made the same day and put some garlic spread to make the garlic bread. Apart from the steak a tad tough everything else was pretty yummy. I'm so glad we stayed home last night to have a relaxing dinner instead of the hustle and bustle of eating outside and rushing home because is getting late. What did you have for your dinner?


Beachlover said...

you should try Porterhouse or shell steak cut...I didn't eat beef but do cook for hubby..Just seasoning wt salt and black pepper,then grill or pan-fried ,don't have to use oil,the steak have some fat,that will do..hope this help..

Sunshine said...

I used a bunch of butter :P..We normally grill it but then lazy to fire up the grill that's why I used the stove.

I'll go find that steak cut but don't we want to get cut like rib eye?

2crazydogs said...

Ribeye has more fat, right? I love steaks but had not eaten any for a very long time. My dinners these days are Mama tom yum instant noodles with pork or fish balls!

Sunshine said...

I honestly don't know anything about steak cut. All I know is that is very tedious to make the right steak at home and is just easier to eat out.

2crazydogs you should make more healthier food but I know what is it like cooking for one. Just easier to make instant noodles but sometimes I do have the determination to make something better for myself when I'm just eating by myself though.

Sass said...

i'm not sure but i'm guessing it is because you marinated the steak and then froze it.

normally i buy either wagyu striploin or ribeye and keep it in the freezer till i want to cook it.

defrost then marinate with olive oil, salt, pepper and mirin (this is optional) and a few sprigs of rosemary. this helps tenderize the steak. you only need to marinate it for 30mins or even less.

i don't use cast iron tho, all my steaks are cooked on a standard non stick griddle and they come out perfect! even if i just buy black angus steaks i have no problems.

Sunshine said...

Sass..I don't think is because I marinate the steak and freeze it. I think is think is the kind of steak the hubs bought. I always do it this way and grill it and it always tasted awesome..any kind of meat. the longer they marinate the better it is. We normally don't cook the steak on the pan.


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