Sunday, August 2, 2009


I currently stay at home full time. Some people call me housewife, homemaker but I'm certainly not a Stay at home mum (not yet anyway) . I stay at home because of the economy, because I'm currently not able to find a suitable job for myself. I don't really enjoy staying at home but I don't mind it. I do have chores to get done and I have to watch the dogs which is not a big deal but they do need some of my attention.

When we were living up North I feel like I didn't have that much chores. Our room was on the first floor so we didn't really go up stairs. I didn't really have to clean up stairs because is barely used. The only time we used upstairs was when my parents and relative came and visit me and to attend our wedding reception here apart from that we have not used upstairs at all. Now all the rooms are upstairs and we use upstairs and downstairs all the time so I have to not only clean one floor but both floors.

We even have more laundry to do here. When I was living up North in winter I don't wash my sweater every time I wear them because I don't sweat and is not good to wash the sweaters all the time. Here since is so warm we sweat all the time. We change our clothes all the time hence I have a lot of laundry to do. It is only hubby, me and the two dogs but I do laundry all the time. Sometimes I do laundry everyday but if I'm lucky is alternate day and if I'm really lucky I only need to do laundry once a week.

I use the dish machine to do dishes when we have tons of dishes or when we have guest over if not I hand wash my dishes because it takes too long for both of us to fill up the dish machine.

I cook/bake all the time. That is what I enjoy doing and I don't mind doing. When I'm cooking/baking I like to do dishes on the way. I'm not those people to actually wait till I'm done before doing the dishes. I cannot stand looking at the dirty dishes in the sink hence when I have time in between cooking/baking I would quickly wash some of the dishes.

All these chores I have to do and I don't even have any kids. I cannot imagine if I have kids how much more chores will be waiting for me.

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