Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've not been really worried about the H1N1 virus every since the commotion started. I started freaking out about H1N1 virus when the hubs became sick and have been sick for more than 3 weeks. Coincidentally a guy that works in the same company with hubs was diagnosed with H1N1 virus. He was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and the had to be put in ICU because he was so very sick. It's been almost 2 weeks and he's now still in ICU and had to be put in coma (I'm not sure the reason why) after being diagnosed positive with H1N1 virus. Another guy hubby works with daughter was just tested positive for H1N1 virus two days ago so when Aunt L heard that the hubs was sick she made sure that he went to see the doc ASAP because she was worried that hubs might have the H1N1.

So when I was waiting at the pharmacy for our prescriptions to be filled I went ahead and walk around the store too. I quickly bought 3 bottles of the antibacterial wipes. I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse and also a bottle sitting on my Kitchen counter. I am thinking I should buy a few more bottles to put it around the house. I didn't dare to buy a few more bottles yesterday when I was at the pharmacy because I was afraid that everyone might say that I'm paranoid moreover I bought the wipes already so I figured it would enough meantime.

Now we have H3N8 virus. This virus has nothing to do with humans but dogs. Younger and older dogs can die if they are get this virus. I just heard about this in the news this past few nights. They said that as long as the dogs don't have any contact with other dogs they should be fine but if us human has any contact with other dogs outside we might be able to bring back the virus and when we touch our dogs they might be able to get the virus. We have been thinking of taking the dogs to the dog park I guess now the dogs is not going anywhere anymore. I don't want to take the risk of getting them sick. The solution to this problem is taking them in to the vet to get shots but I don't want to have to put them both into this torture.

The wipes and the sanitizer will work real great. We are going to have to wipe our hands with the wipes or use the sanitizer when we get home after we go out. Hopefully this method will keep any virus out of my house! Do you reckon that I'm paranoid to stock up all the antibacterial wipes? I feel that this is better safe than sorry.


2crazydogs said...

I think I would be paranoid too if my hubs has been sick for so many weeks. I like you before, don't care about this H1N1 virus, even when I was China and M'sia. Now, still don't really care as long as I wash my hands with soap all the time!

But this H3N8 virus on dogs?? I have not heard about it, but sounds so scary. Sounds like the virus is so "geng". I don't take the dogs to the park in the summer coz of allergies and the heat. Now that the weather is cooling off more, I have to call up the vet and ask him about this virus shot. Thanks!

Sunshine said...

Dawn, I started to freak out about this virus because of hub's aunt actually and he's been sick so many times. I'm not too worried about myself because I sort of think I have strong immune system :P.

I've heard of H3N8 virus for about a week or two now. The shot is not necessary if your boys don't really mingle with other dogs which mine doesn't so no need to give them the shot yet can save some $$..I heard that they will administer the shot like they administer kennel cough shot. My boys don't have that kennel cough shot because I don't think them anywhere. I can forget about taking them to the dog park now too!Does ur boys have allergies too? I think Stanley has allergies because he is always itching himself. When he itch too much I pop one allergy pill in his mouth.

2crazydogs said...

Melissa, now that fall is approaching I can see all three of the boys' allergies are acting up bad. Cooper is licking and chewing his paws a lot till we have to give him some anti-depressant to "dope" him up. Poor thing, he sleeps a lot and look really like he's on drugs! Chase too is licking his paws but not as bad. Ranger he is still on the mild predisone dosage, he is ok. I still give the three kennel cough shot coz of they hanging around other dogs in the neighborhood. you know how it is, other dogs sit out on the yard, i walk the boys they "dragged" me to pay their friends a visit. btw, allergy pill like benadryl don't work for the boys leh, must be bcoz of their size i think.


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