Monday, August 31, 2009

Productive but tired weekend

We started our Friday night tearing out carpets so that the hubs can tile the floor that weekend. Saturday morning we attended Uncle Richie's mom's wake/funeral which was supposed to be at 9am but we got there at about 9:30am but it was no big deal because apart from Uncle Richie and Aunt L there was only a couple of people there meaning even her own children was late for her wake/funeral. Everyone got there at about 10:30am because the funeral was at 11am. It was a nice but lively service (Southern Baptist Church). When everything was said and done it was almost 1:30pm. I've never met Uncle Richie's mom before that but as a sign of respect we felt that we needed to attend to funeral. Uncle Richie didn't mind if we didn't attend the funeral but I'm brought up to attend because some how we should at least go for Aunt L to make sure there is a representative from her side of the family. SIL has seen his mom and family member but was not there which I find it weird but then we are brought up differently so I'm not sure if it's normal.
After the funeral service we (Uncle Richie, Aunt L, Hubby and I) decided to head over to Babins for lunch. The food was pretty good and the price was a little higher not the usual casual price but it was not outrages. We were so hungry by the time we arrived at Babins hence stuffing our face with food. Everyone came home to take a nap but hubs just lay around playing on line. When I woke up from our nap we hung out a little while longer and started tiling the floor. We got quite a lot done and called it good at about 9pm. Uncle Richie and Aunt L came over for a little bit and asked if we could watch the dogs while they were gone on Sunday night (They were suppose to go Mexico but had to cancel obviously)because they wanted to go out of town for a night. I don't mind watching (basically just letting them out do their business and let them run around for an hour or so before locking two of them up) the dogs as there is nothing much to do just making sure they are fine and they have food and water.
Sunday morning we got up ate and started cleaning the tile we laid from the night before. Then hubs took out the last bit of the carpet in the living room while I went to the store to buy some groceries. When I came home hubby was done cleaning and clearing out that section. We (him mostly because all I did was pass him the tile) started laying the tile and was done at about 5:30pm. I quickly made dinner and he finished up the mortar he had by cutting some corners that isn't tiled yet. We then washed up, showered and decided to make a trip to Starbuck with the dogs at about 9:30pm. Hubby wanted his double chocolate chip frappuccino so I suggested we drive to Starbucks with the dogs just to go for a drive. Everyone had fun just taking a short drive. Somehow we didn't get to bed till midnight.

It's been a tiring weekend for us moreover hubby's still sick. He's been swamp with work because one of the guys at work is out with a knee injury so the guys has to cover his area too. He's been so wiped out that I feel so sorry for him. I was saying that I barely did anything and I'm so wiped out I can imagine how the hubby is feeling plus being sick. I think we need to go out of town somewhere to just relax. We are planning to go somewhere but I want to do it when is cooler so that the dogs can come with us. I don't want to plan on going anywhere this coming weekend although it'll be a long weekend because of labor day but I'm pretty sure it'll be pack everywhere and is still hot out so we decided that we'll go later. Hopefully we'll go somewhere and rewind real soon. We need a vacation bad!

So how was your weekend?Hopefully it was more relaxing than ours.


2crazydogs said...

Wow, you guys did your own tiling? A lot of work... I suppose it does cool the house a lot in the summer, right? I told my hubs the next house we rent/buy has to be hardwood floors and when we move to TX I want tile floors. That fella shook his head and rolled his eyes!

Sunshine said...

Dawn, tell your hubby no need to roll his eyes a lot of houses here have tile floors especially when you have dogs tile floor is just easier to clean. When we pulled out the carpet it was just gross to see the dirt underneath!

Tile is cooler in summer but is also colder in winter. It's just easier to clean with the boys if we have tile.

Dawn do you know approximately where you guys are going to be moving in TX or where ever the hubs find work in TX?

2crazydogs said...

Melissa, Hahaha, it's so funny you said that majority of the floors in TX houses are tiled. My hubs told me that his bro's has all tile floors. I so agree with you on cleaning when the floors are all tiles. Carpets is nice and but damn dirty. I can just imagine the crap that is living underneath the carpet.

Oh, approximately when we will move to TX ah? Well, my hubs will move to New Braunfels/San Antonio area first and that is end of this year or next spring. It all depends on when we are able to sell our current house. He is moving to TX first to settle down first and I will continue to work here in MN since I am the only one who is bringing home the bacon. If he finds a job in TX wherever it is, and has been at the job for a while (few months) then I will move. I don't want to move there now coz then both of us will be jobless.

It's really very "farn" coz of all these house stuff here - mortgage, foreclosure. Very frustrating. I'm not sure if hub is looking anyway outside of San Antonio area. Houston is near the Gulf right?

Sunshine said...

Dawn have you tried applying for any jobs over here in Texas yet? Maybe you can find one here so you can come over with the hubby too..Have you guys put your house in the market yet? From what I heard before the housing in MN is not that bad. For us before we moved down here thankfully our house took about 1 month to sell and 1 month for the paper work but then we didn't make anything on the house we just wanted to sell it so that we don't lose any money by having to pay for the mortgage when we are not living there because we are trying to sell it.

So basically it doesn't matter where in Texas you guys move too just as long as one of you have a job right? Hopefully one of you get a job before you arrive here :) Good luck!

2crazydogs said...

Yes, we just put the house up on the market. Initially was suppose to do a short sale but the realtor said many ppl are taking advantage of the 8K for first time buyers. So we put it up on the market yesterday. Realtor said market now is quite good. So will keep our fingers crossed!

No I have not look for jobs in TX. Reason being I'm currently going thru the RCIA process (converting to Catholicsm) so i want to complete that first which ends the coming Easter. Hubs said he can go first with the boys. I will stay on in MN, rent apartment.

We are not doing any repairs to the house either. Wow, you house was sold after one month on the market, that was good. That is what I'm hoping for now. But there are a few houses in my neighborhood are already in the market for 2+ months still waitign for buyers. :(

Sunshine said...

You don't worry if you are not asking for too much you should be able to sell it easier. We loved our Realtor up North because he was really good and he advice us on the price based on the houses that was selling around us that's why it sold quickly.

Easter next year wor?Wah so long then you guys need to fork out two expenses both side? Can't you finish the RCIA process here?The hubs is done with the RCIA process already?

2crazydogs said...

Hubs already a Catholic. I like my sponsor here so I thought I would finish it here and then go and at the mean time also look for jobs in TX on job boards. Hubs said he will stay with his bro when he gets down to TX. I think living on my own will be cheaper - no need cable/satelite unlike hubs, needs to have satelite for his sports and movie channels. As long there is internet and cellphone, I'm happy! But then if things are not working for us being separated, then i will have to move to be with him.

Oh the house, we are going according to what the market is selling in our neighborhood.


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