Monday, December 15, 2008

Pigging Out

Most weekends hubby and I eat really well (most weekdays too). Hubby and I (me more so) get so stuff during the weekend that working out during the week is just a waste or you can say to burn off the pounds that I put on weekend.
I actually started my feast on Friday when I ate a huge breakfast and then hubby came and pick me up for lunch for some Mexican Food (for some reason we are ALWAYS stuffed after a Mexican meal). Dinner we resorted to just snacking because we were still full.
Saturday I got up very early because I was really hungry from not eating the night before. I told hubby I wanted Japanese food and off we went to a Japanese buffet place. This place was really nice and the food was pretty good but the price was pretty steep. I didn't know that it was so expensive because when I read about this place on the Internet the price there was cheaper. I might have gotten this place confused with another one and we should have asked how much it was before digging in! After that we walked around the mall for a little bit and headed home. At night we feasted again. To make things worst we weren't really hungry but because I already defrosted the steak and I didn't want to go to be hungry again I decided that we should cook dinner. Dinner consist of Steak marinated with home mix spices, Saute mushroom, Saute peppers with onions and Scallop potatoes. Once again we were STUFFED!..

Meat Marinate

3-4 teaspoons of salt
4 teaspoons of paprika
2 teaspoons of ground pepper
1 teaspoon of onion powder
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of cayenne powder
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of coriander

Mix all spices together.
Sprinkle generously on meat.

I normally try and marinate my meat over night or for days. Sometimes when I am not feeling lazy I will marinate my meat and freeze them up separately so when I/we want to cook them we just defrost a pack of it. If I am in a hurry I just dump the seasoning on it and leave it to marinate until ready to cook. I also mix up a bottle of this seasoning so when I need is ready to go.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast. I op for something light which is granola with milk while hubby had french toast, eggs, sausage and bacon (I ate some of his bacon too). We then just hung out in the house trying to clean and unpack stuff etc...We invited Aunt and Uncle Richie over for dinner because we were going to grill some hamburgers and brats. For dinner we stuffed ourselves full again O_O (Nothing new now). I mixed some ground beef up with some barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, dried onions, crumbled crackers and two eggs. I think I should have just used one egg because hubby said that it was breaking apart..Trial and error..I always mix my ground beef with different stuff (more like what ever I can think of and what ever I have handy) We had some chips, Scallop potato, baked beans and pickles. No dessert because I didn't have time to make anyway. Before we made dinner we were busy running around to get our house ready for the couch we got.
I really need to get my fat ass to the gym this week to lose all the fat!The worst and most unhealthy thing about me is when I ate the steak I normally and love to only eat the fat part (don't ask me why I just loved it) and the side dishes..So yeahh I need to lose some weight before I get home end of the month or else...*faint*

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