Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just want to give up..throw up the white flag!!

I think hubby is right. I think we should give up the two dogs (although deep in me still wants to keep one). Sadie did it again. She pooped on the carpet yesterday night and JUST NOW! I thought keeping a close watch on her or just tying her by me would stop it but it was too late when I saw it because I was on the computer!Yeah I can be blamed because I was not paying attention!But I just can't sit and look at her all day long. I guess if I do want to keep her this is what I'll have to do or put her in her crate. After that incident I put both her and Milo in the crate. I can't deal with them at this time. I know is not Milo's fault but then both their leash had some poop on it too so I have to wash them and keep them crated..I just wish everyday that she will be accident free. Everyday I am about to announce that she/they are accident free she does it again..I think I'm about to give up! No wonder hubby just want our lives back with just Stanley. We went through a lot with Stanley too but then he eventually got trained thank god!I love both of them too much to want to give up but I don't have the will power to do it now.

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