Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Three Little Pigs

When hubby first brought home Milo(Black one) and Sadie(Brown one) they barely ate I think is because they are trying to get adjusted etc. The next day Sadie was showing signs that she was adjusting pretty well because she would eat anything given to her on the other hand Milo would only eat the biscuits that I made. Finally he would eat a couple of dogs food here and there when I fed him from my hands. He would not eat from the bowl too and finally one day hubby put his food on the floor and he ate it all up from there. Milo is tiny and a very slow eater which sucks because Stanley and Sadie would gobbled up their food and prey on Milo's food that's on the floor. I have to yell at them to get away from Milo. When Milo is eating I cannot do anything else except watch him because the other two pigs would rush to eat his food. I noticed yesterday even Milo wants to eat all the time hence I have THREE little pigs now. I try to give Milo a huge treat in the middle of the day because Milo is just skin and bones. He's so skinny that hubby said we have to help him put on some weight. Yesterday while I was busy making dinner Milo jump on top of the dog food container and tried to open it/bite the cover so I quickly took a treat and dump it in the crate and lock him up so that he can eat his crate in peace while I'm cooking. The other two just sat in front of the crate looking at Milo. I feel bad but then I don't want to feed the other two too much because I don't want to be fat!

Everyone wants to be on mummy's lap..*smack head*
Sadie is very attached to me because every time when I sit down on the chair she will jump on me and Milo will follow after her. Milo is just like a little cat jumping everywhere!Anyway since they are both always on my lap when I'm there I think Stanley feels it too because he will jump on me too. Can you imagine having three dogs on your lap all at once. I am trying very very hard to give everyone the same attention because I don't want anyone especially Stanley to feel slighted(Stanley is used to all the attention he used to get before we found them). We try to give Stanley more attention cuddling him and telling him we love him when we are in bed. I hope that he understands that he's still very important to us that we will never ever get ride of him.
Anyhow we kind off feel that three dogs is quite a lot for us especially if we kind off planned to try for a baby next year. Ideally it would be nice to get ride of both together in the same house because they belong together but then I do want to keep one. I really do want to keep both but then I cannot watch two at once and Stanley. In our hearts we kind off know who we want to keep but then hubby is kind off think that it would be a great idea to just give away the two of them. I have put ads up about them being missing and so far no one has come forward to claim them back.


siaoyue said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh a baby next year!!!

Sunshine said...

AAAAAAAAhhhhhhh.............Plan only okie!:P


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