Monday, December 15, 2008

Lazy or busy?

When I first started dog sitting I barely did anything around the house. All I could do was cook in the kitchen because I wanted to confine the dogs in the kitchen so if any of the guest had accidents it was easy for me to clean. Anyway I could not longer sit in the kitchen and not really doing anything apart from cooking and cleaning my kitchen. I had a few laundry basket that was FULL with clean laundry and it was getting wrinkled from being taken out from the dryer and just sitting there. I still don't really trust Milo (the black chihuahua) and Sadie (the brown chihuahua) yet. At first we thought that Sadie was housebroken because she didn't have any accident the first day she was here while Milo had two and a half(half was because he squirted a little but I managed to catch him in time) then it all went down hill. She pooped twice (once on my carpet [thank god we need to change the flooring anyway] and once on the kitchen floor) and pee twice which I think it was my fault she had to go really bad and I was taking my sweet time while getting them ready to go out. The first time when she did it on the carpet I was taking a shower and hubby was suppose to watch them. I was so proud and was going to announce to Aunt and Uncle Richie that they were day 1 accident free until she pooped near where Aunt sat..argghhh...told hubby that we have to watch them because they will get into trouble! (that's the reason why hubby doesn't want to keep both and have three dogs because he doesn't like spending all his time keeping an eye on them) Anyway the other time was hubby took her out in the morning and didn't tell me that she didn't poo so I allowed her to run around thinking she did and when I turned around there was poo on my floor (arghhhh)!
I am not able to do anything because I need to watch the two of them closely just in case..It is very easy to spot if Milo needs to do anything but Sadies is a little more difficult. ANYWAY.....I actually managed to do some stuff around the house. I cleaned the shower, and the sink, vacuum the floor upstairs and folded and kept the mountain of laundry before hubby came home. I did all these after I came home from lunch with hubs. I had to leash them up to the stairs railing so that they can see me and I can see what they are doing and yet not let them roam/round around freely in the house.
I am also in this HUGE dilemma. I love both of them dearly and hubby wants to find Milo and Sadie a good home but I do want to keep one of them..*headache* I know for sure I can't handle THREE dogs and I cannot keep Milo and Sadie but the worst part is I don' t know which one I should keep. I love both of them sooooo much...Hubby wants our life to be "normal" again just with Stanley. I want our life to be "normal" again too but then both of them are so very attached to me. Hubby with be carrying one of them as soon as I sit down both of them will start jumping on my lap. Even if I am carrying Sadie (she jumps on me once she sees me sitting) and other people (ie hubby or aunt/uncle Richie or anyone else) or if anyone else carrying either of them once I start sitting both of them WILL come to me. The other day hubby and I were sitting next to each other looking on the computer; hubs had Milo while I had Sadie the next thing I know Milo starts climbing over to me so I gave Sadie to hubby she sat on hubs lap for a while and climbed back to me then I pass Milo back to hubs and he'll sit for a bit and climbed back to me..yeah you get the story back and I just end up holding two!How can I choose?How can I even let them go? I am not sure what I should do??I wish that one of the family member can keep them but it is impossible so I am not even going to look into that route..

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