Friday, November 21, 2008

Dog Sitter

Neighbor aka Aunt and Uncle Richie has escaped from this cold weather (we are suppose to get a cold front this week) to go Hawaii for a nice and warm vacation. I volunteered to watch all 3 monsters of theirs but they decided to put the two big monster at the boarding place. I am going to be watching Bailey (the dog we found after the Hurricane Ike). I will be having TWO MONSTERS for the whole month until they return in December! It'll be a lot of yelling and smacking for the both of them. Bailey and Stanley are both equally notorious! I do miss Bailey and I'm glad that she's just living next door. I am also glad that she and Stanley get along pretty good. Aunt Richie normally just let her and Stanley play together because the other two monster are quite large hence it'll be a havoc if all four of them played together!
I'm glad that we found an extremely good home for Bailey. Bailey is just so spoiled by Aunt Richie and Uncle Richie is just constantly complaining that she spoils him too much. I guess that's the other reason why she's not being put in the boarding place and it saves them money too.

Partners in Crime!!

Is going to be real interesting watching both of them. *faint* they are sure going to be a hand full and I am pretty sure I'll be happy to take her home when Aunt and Uncle Richie gets back.

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