Thursday, November 13, 2008

RIP Lucky...

It was a pretty devastating day for me yesterday because BIL and his girlfriend's dog - Lucky passed away. I felt really bad because I know how BIL's gf loves the dog.

Lucky was abused when he was growing up. He would not get along with another dogs. We tried and allow Stanley and Lucky to get to know each other but Lucky just would not want to play with Stanley while Stanley would try and play with her and she would try and nip Stanley so after several times we stopped trying to put both of them together. Hence I don't even have a picture of Lucky!

I just feel bad because she has not had a good life until BIL and gf adopted her. They had her almost the same time that we have Stanley meaning about 1.5 years. They had to move out of their rental because it was infested with mold. Both of them are currently staying with PIL's family and could not have Lucky with them so they put her with BIL's gf's parents house. Lucky didn't really eat at the beginning and BIL's gf decided to spend the night with Lucky hoping that Lucky would eat. When she was there Lucky was just banging into things and the next morning which was yesterday morning they decided to take her to the Vet. The vet said that Lucky is blind and she might have brain damage. The vet can run test and stuff but was not sure if they can find anything plus is going to cost a lot of money. So they decided that is best to put Lucky to sleep. The vet said that they could do an autopsy and see what happened to see if they can find anything but again is going to cost a lot of money. They just said forget it since Lucky is already gone.

I've been quite traumatize by this incident because I am so afraid that anything can happen to Stanley. I love Stanley so much that I never want anything to happen to Stanley. I was cuddling with Stanley yesterday and told him that Lucky is gone which I don't think he'll understand. Hubby said poor Stanley because he doesn't like to be held down (being cuddle at the time)..LOL..I talked to hubby and see if there is a way we could monitor Stanley in case anything happens to him but he said that is difficult because Stanley is not human and he cannot tell us if something is wrong or if he's got blur vision or anything! Hubby said that all we can do is if we see any behavior changes in Stanley we should take him to the vet which dog lover aunt and uncle Richie agreed.

Is been clearer to me that life is so fragile that we should appreciate life more and more. We cannot take any living people or animals for granted. I just hope that Lucky rest in peace and know that we will miss him and love him no matter where he is. Let's hope that he has a better life when she reincarnate.

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