Saturday, November 29, 2008


My Thanksgiving dinner was a success. The only problem I had was that the cooking didn’t really go out as I planned. We bought a smaller turkey this year and it cooked faster than planned so we had to call SIL and tell her that dinner would be earlier thus I was a little behind with my dinner rolls. My food actually turned out great and there was so much food left.
I am so glad that hubby is here to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. FIL, BIL and some of the other guys normally go up to the cabin to go deer hunting. Ever since I know FIL every year he’s really persistent on getting a deer every single year. He would go up to the cabin way before deer hunting season starts to scout out places that has lots of deer. Every year he would spend a lot of money preparing for deer hunting but not once got a deer. This year however he was lucky enough to get a deer the first day of deer hunting season. He was determine to get another deer but deer hunting season ends tomorrow so I doubt he would get one. I should inform FIL that Nikon is currently having a promotion on their long range shooting system then maybe he could get more than one deer if he quickly buys it. Hopefully FIL is quick enough to get this good deal.

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Gerald said...

It is so funny. I visit your blog just as I see a email has arrived from you. What timing hor? LOL

Had a great Thanksgiving. Shall relate more in email. Sounds like you had a nice one too.

Simple American said...

Hey Gerald is moi!

Sunshine said...

hehe..I know lehh...I can put two and two together Gerald!!You have too many names out there!!:P


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