Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Busy

One would reckon since I am not working I have all the time in the world to do anything I want. At the beginning it was fun because all I had to do is look for jobs and apply for jobs, clean the house a little, maybe think of what to cook for dinner when hubby gets back and then go to the gym. Most of the time when I have to cook I don't go to the gym so I will do my stuff. Sounds relaxing right??I could sleep in till about 11 am take Stanley out, feed him and then do my own things.
Female-the brown one

Male- The black one so all started with Thanksgiving week. First I had to think of what to serve and had to go get the stuff and prepare stuff that I could pre cook before the actual day. At that same moment I had to dog sit Bailey. After beloved Bailey's parents came back from their vacation which was Monday I thought that life would be somewhat "normal" again. Yesterday while hubby was driving around he found two chihuahua TWO chihuahua by a busy intersection abandon! Well we are not quite sure if they were really abandon. It took hubby about 30 minutes to persuade them to go in the truck with him. The dogs has no collar, leash what so ever on them. All they had was a miserable looking flea/tick collar on them so had to drive around asking people if they lost their dogs! Hubby then went to a animal hospital to see if they were microchiped. Nope they were not microchiped nor are they fixed.
When hubby texted me I was freaked. I mean I didn't think that we were going to have more dogs soon we just gave away Bailey a few months back. I am not sure at this time do I want more dogs. First I told hubby to drop them off at the shelter/SPCA on his way home then I changed my mind. I was confused and didn't know what to do. Anyway hubby stopped at a pet store and bought leashes and collars for the dogs. I was at the gym when hubby returned home with the dogs when I got home I saw the new collars and leashes. Back in my head I am thinking "don't tell me we are going to keep them now?"..OMGosh I cannot handle THREE dogs!!!
They are really cute heart melted when I saw both of them. Even manly uncle Richie was cuddling them! When we brought them in the house I saw stuff jumping on my floor I told hubby OMG don't tell me they have fleas/ticks??*&^ what are we going to do now? Stanley was pretty close to them then $50 plus later we came home and bath all 3 dogs! The two had to be bathed several times to make sure that the fleas is dead. We bought flea collar (which is useless according to the vet) for them because we are not suppose to apply frontline 24 hrs after we bath the dogs. Now I am going to have to spend more money to buy frontline for them to make sure that the eggs and stuff on them is dead..argghhh....anyway we decided that we will wait a little while to see if anyone claims them back and hubby said that they better have a damn good explanation on why the dogs was in the middle of the intersection and did not have any collar or ID on them before he will give them back. If they did not have any good explanation he might not give them back to those irresponsible people.
My dilemma is if we keep them we have to keep all 2 of them because they come in a "package" that would mean that I would have THREE dogs granted two really tiny once. We will have to spay and neuter them and get them their shots and I've already called up the animal hospitals which also means more $$$. The WORST part is the black one don't get along with Stanley and brown one that's suppose to be miss goody I don't know what she did to Stanley because he's afraid of her! I need all of them to get along if I'm going to keep them. Stanley and them have to get along because I will never want to let Stanley feel threatened. The black one keeps having accidents in the house (well twice now actually).

p/s: We have not named them because we don't know if we are going to keep them!

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