Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why bother?

I cannot decide if I just want my nails painted or get acrylic nails for our wedding dinner next month. I was thinking of getting my nails done here before going home because I might not have time when I get home to get my nails done plus I don't know a manicurist. I was talking to a BFF last week about having acrylic nails. Some people told me that it hurts a the beginning when you get acrylic nails but then you will get used to it and some people told me that he doesn't hurt at all. So me being me the crazy one decide to just get the nails painted but now I wonder why do I even bother wasting time and money getting the nails painted. I didn't want to get acrylic nails yesterday because I knew that it would not last till next month so I thought painting it yesterday would be a better option anyway it is not that the manicurist didn't do a good job but the problem here is I am too rough. I have housework to do and I think I have already chipped a few nails. I now know why people get acrylic nails because it is suppose to last longer and doesn't chip that easy. One of the few housework that needs to get done everyday is washing dishes. Since I am not working I don't expect hubby to wash his dishes after he eats because I am home. I think I chipped my nails doing dishes but I'm not sure because I had to wash the dogs leash and vacuum the carpet too.
BFF have a manicurist that she goes to every two weeks and I'm hoping that by the time I get home I will have time to visit the manicurist (I only trust a certain manicurist because I've heard that some people don't sanitize their equipment etc) since my friend goes there all the time. If not I guess I will just get it painted probably at a near by mall.

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