Friday, January 16, 2009

Malaysian Drivers!

I’m finally back! I have been hiatus for almost a month I think. I have been extremely busy because I was prepping to return to Malaysia and when I was in Malaysia I was busy finalizing everything for our wedding ceremony back home plus the internet back home really sucks…It was so slow that I could hardly check my facebook!
There is so many things I would like to blog about but then I think I should take my time and slowly write about it but one thing that really bothers me is the drivers in Malaysia. I remembered when I was driving back home the people weren’t such a ding. People there would not give way to other people and they are not even courteous to the other drivers or pedestrians. Everyone is just so selfish and will not give way at all. We were on our way somewhere when the traffic light broke over here in the US if this happens everyone takes turn just like a four way stop sign but the people there they just rush and will not give other people a chance. You have to rush and force your way out if you want to continue the journey. I think Malaysia should know some collision repair experts because the way they are driving they are going to need to use one eventually. I am really worried about my parents there because my dad drives like one of them. I don’t want to nag him because he respected me when I was driving there and would not nag me therefore I want to give him the same respect but I am just so worried about him driving there.

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