Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from Malaysia!! "Backpost"

My much anticipated vacation back home sweet home came and gone in a blink of an eye. Hubby and I left for Malaysia on the 25th December 2009. It was such a wonderful and memorable trip. The only thing bad about this trip for me was I was sick the entire time I was home.

As soon as I walked into a MAS plane my heart started to race. I saw the Malaysia newspaper "the star". I was so excited because I was so much closer to home, closer to see my family and friends. I could barely sleep because I just want to arrive there ASAP.

The wedding there went perfectly well thanks to my lovely parents that planned the entire thing a year ahead. Everything was just great and everyone had such a lovely time. I was so happy with the entire ceremony.

I had no time or energy to shop when I went home. I noticed that things were not cheap back home and I could find better deals here. I didn't really get the opportunity to indulge with a lot of local food because I was sick and my parents would not let me eat a lot of junk food.

We didn't get the opportunity to visit a lot of places this trip because we were busy finalizing with the wedding stuff. This trip we didn't even make it to downtown KL because we could not find time. The only place in KL we went to was Central Market and the passport place. It took my sister and I almost ONE whole day to get our passport done and even that we had to go back there the next day to collect it. The reason why we could not renew our passport at the machine was because we renewed our passport here in New York hence our passport is not microchip therefore we had to do it the manual way. My sister had time to go down to KL; Sogo area to get her ID renew (she had the old ID) to the microchip one and came back to the passport place and our number was still not called *slap head*. Poor hubby had to be with us to renew the passport and had to accompany me almost a day to try and change my plane ticket. I wanted to stay in Malaysia till after Chinese New Year but sadly MAS did not have any place available. I asked them to check the dates until first week of March and they still could not find any seats!sob sob therefore all I could was extend my flight one additional week. The one extra week I had was wonderful but I just wished that I had a little bit more time. I wish we had more time to spend with just my parents but unfortunately because of our lack of time we didn't get to spend time just with my immediate family. I am also really happy that I sneak some time to spend with my BFF's and also thanking them for joining me on my special occasion.

BFF's at my favorite place.."Sai Mai Lo"

My self proclaimed god son - lil Ian

BFF's at my house for buffet dinner

BFF's on my hens night

First "lo sang" in 3 years

Good friends that came for my wedding



Since Hubby went home a week before me I had to travel all the way home by myself which is not that bad but I was almost sobbing all the way home. I know hubby was worried about me coming back here myself but then there was nothing we could do about it because he has to come home to work and I wanted to try and stay a little more longer (the longer the better). On my way back I held on the the virtual Malaysia paper as tightly I could because I missed home so much hence I am now able to declare that I'm still homesick especially with the festive season now.

I really had a blast when I went home I know all the memories will stay with me forever. I would like to thanks my beloved family, relatives and friends for being there and spending time with me. For going back all the way to Malaysia to celebrate my special day with me. Thank You guys so much! Hubby and I really appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. xoxo



Shern's mom said...

Oh, you looked gorgeous in your wedding gown. You were back here for such a short time, I didn't even know you came home. Aiks.

Glad you enjoyed your stay.

Sunshine said...

I thought I made my "announcement" LoL. It is a short time but I do treasure every moment of the time there. We don't know what we are missing until we don't have it sometimes!

aVieo0o said...

Did you get your Passport done in Pusat Bandar Damansara? If you had it done there your sister wouldn't have to go all the way to KL to get her new IC, cos there's an IC place just below the Passport floor!

My friend had to renew his old IC too and he didn't have his birthcert so the ppl at the IC department there pulled out a copy from the HQ for him and got his temp IC (for passport renewal) done immediately!

Sunshine said...

Avvv...we went to the pusat damansara one but then because her IC was like sooooo old they wanted her to go Sogo there to verify her thumb print again...she went to the IC place in Pusat Damansara and they made her go KL too...
Government Servant* they work toooooooooooooo slow...waste a day and a half there!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Congrats on your wedding! You looked beautiful in your gown.

Sunshine said...

Thanks health freak mummy!!


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