Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update on Stanley and Milo

Stanley turned two last year December. I was planning to have a mini party for him but then because we were busy with I'm not sure what at that time we didn't do anything for him. I promise myself that I would make it up to him eventually..We now officially have two dogs. We kept Milo and SIL took Sadie. I hope that hubby will not bring home any dogs anymore because I'm really happy with having just TWO dogs at home. I still don't really know anything about Milo because I need to make an appointment to take him in to the animal hospital.

Milo is very attached to me. He's very protective of us and he barks and growls at other people that comes in the door. Milo has never ever barked or growl at me even the very first time I saw him. He's a good boy but he still sleeps in the crate at night although he doesn't want to but there is just not going to be enough room for two dogs and two adults in the bed. We will get a new and bigger bed I think before he starts to sleep with us.

Hubby's aunt and uncle watched both of our dogs when we went home to Malaysia. Stanley had some anxiety issue and he was having diarrhea the first couple of days we were gone therefore they had to take him in to the doctor just in case. Apart from that Stanley was so welcome and was doing fine at their place. Milo on the other hand was a handful. He would constantly tried marking his territory everywhere at their house. He would growl or bark at Uncle Richie when Uncle Richie tries getting in bed! Milo thinks that he's the king dog and always acts like the boss when he's the smallest among all of them. They have three big dogs and he tries to be the bossy one! Bailey, Stanley and Milo ran away once and aunt had a terrible time trying to get those three back together!They said that Stanley is welcomed anytime but didn't say anything about Milo!*faint* Aunt and Uncle Richie said that having FIVE dogs; three big, one medium and one small is like a zoo when we were gone. When they would be making something at the kitchen ALL of them would sit in the middle of the way hoping to get something. I think is cute and told them they should have gotten pictures! Hopefully when Milo is more trained he would be more welcome.

Stanley has been more calm and mature. Once in a while when Stanley is near Milo Milo would growl at him especially when Milo is near me and Stanley tries to come close to me. Stanley and Milo will play really wild and then they will get into mischief together and then they will even take naps together and they love to suntan together too o_o.

Stanley and Milo suntanning on the stairs together.

Or on the floor (the follow the sun)

Milo playing on the sun by himself

Stanley was laying on the couch while Milo was playing under the sun himself (above). I think he was waiting for me to come home because I was at the gym.

Milo's favorite spot!

I now have two babies instead of one. Milo loves attention from me and if I give Stanley attention he'll jump to me quickly...Hopefully I will have the patient to train Milo like I trained Stanley so that he's more well behaved. It's difficult for me to train Milo because training a dog involves giving them treats and Stanley LOVES food so he'll always be in my way when I try to train Milo *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

I will try not to pick up any more strays:) but it really irritates me when people lose/let go/misplace their dogs. Those poor little dogs were walking right down the side of a fairly busy street. Cars are driving by and they don't know enough to get out of the road. Of course I had to pick them up. I spent 20 minutes trying to get them to come over by me. It took several pieces of wonderful homemade pumpkin bread to end up catching them. I think it was worth it though. PB


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