Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Chinese New Year is around the corner and every year the Chinese that celebrates this day buys new clothing, shoes etc just to usher in the New Year. Since I'm also a Chinese living but living overseas I still try and follow the tradition to user in the Chinese New Year.

I went to the mall two days in a row to try and find some new clothing. The first time I went to the mall by myself and failed to find anything therefore on Saturday hubby decided to go to the mall with me to see if we could find anything together but sadly we failed to find anything again. I noticed that when ever we are out there to try and look for a particular item we might not be able to find it but then when we are just cruising or window shopping we are able to buy more items. I know that I should not procrastinated and should have started hunting for my new clothing earlier but then I did not have any mood to do any shopping as I just returned home from Malaysia and was suffering from jet lag. Oh well! Like I told that I’m sure I have some new clothing and shoes at home and I don’t HAVE to get one NOW. Hopefully I would still be able to find something before Chinese New Year ends that’s all. *wink wink*

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