Monday, January 25, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I'm been sick sine last week. My boss got sick and one of my co worker got it from her and I was hoping that I would be spared but I got it too. I felt like my throat was hurting last Monday so when I got back the next day I quickly boiled some barley water but I guess it was too late because things started going down hill from then on. I was hanging in there all week long too but on Sunday when I was out and about I felt like crap. I quickly went to the pharmacy to buy more meds and cough drops and head home to take a nap. I feel much better today but my nose is still runny and I'm still coughing. My nose is so red and raw that I think I look like Rudolph the red nose rain deer.

Hubs aunt and uncle was in town this weekend too. They arrived on Friday and we went out to eat that night. I had to work early AM on Saturday and Aunt L was going to take them to Galveston so I didn't go with them. When they came home we met them up for a nice dinner. On Sunday we went to a Flea Market which was near our house and like I mentioned earlier my body felt really horrible. We had quite a bit of fun at the flea market and there was lots to see there but the things there weren't that cheap. There was so many puppies there for sale which I believe some of them might be illegal breeder thus I would never ever buy a puppy from there. Is so heart breaking for me when I saw those puppies but I know that I cannot do anything to help them. I can only help those that does not have a home and I hope that those puppies would be treated with love. We went for lunch with them and then after we stopped at the pharmacy we came home so I could take a nap and hubby was going to watch the foot ball game (Vikings vs Saints).

I feel much better now today but I am just going to take it easy I think I will call in sick because I really don't want anyone else to get sick anymore but I've yet to decide on that.

Hubs parents will be here middle of next month too..(yeah wish me luck on that) and apparently his brother will be getting married in September. I am not sure if I'll be going back for his wedding so far hubby is planning of going back for the brother's wedding. I don't know why I should spend my time and money (when I can take it to go traveling) to be at a place where they like to disrespect other people. But oh well..I've not decided yet I guess I've yet to see what will happen.

I guess apart from working and being sick I've just not have time to do anything for the mean time. There is so many things I would like to share with you but I just need to find time to blog about them.

Hubby's aunt and uncle left this morning. They came over to our house to collect their RV because they parked it at our yard when they were staying in the hotel. After they left I went to the pet place to buy the dogs their food as they are almost out of their food. I text hubby telling him that I bought another brand of food because I'm still not 100% satisfied with California Natural. I would maybe go back to California Natural but this time I was to cut out the grain from their food so after doing some research this morning I decided I will go with Orijen because according to the dog food review Orijen is the best food out there now. My hubby almost chocked when I told him I spend over $80 on their 29lbs pound of dog food..^_^ I know is quite a bit but then I want to see if the grain free ones are better than the rest. I told hubby that hopefully this grain free one will help my baby with his upset tummy. He's puking less now compared to when he was on Nutro or Canidae but he's put several time still and supposedly he's not suppose to be puking at all. So I'll see how this one goes.


2crazydogs said...

I hope you get better soon. I hate being sick but I have to say I have not gotten the whole of 2009. I guess the supplements I'm taking for my immune system is paying off! I changed my dogs' food from Canidae to Nature's Variety. It's a little bit more expensive than Canidae but it's so much more easier to digest for them. The girl at Chuck & Don's recommended this brand. All three of them are taking the same food and no problems at all. It's has no grains just meat and brown rice or I can but the one with millet.

I hope Stanley (is it him or Milo) takes well with the new food.

Sunshine said...

Thanks Dawn!I'm actually feeling better just the sniffles. How are u doing? I don't but I should take supplements. My parents brought me a ton of them but I just don't take the.

Both of them like their food but I think is a little spendy.Nature's Variety is grain free too? How much is it? How does ur boys like them?

2crazydogs said...

Nature's Variety is a little spendy for a 30# bag, around $46 but of coz if i get the salmon or the other one is lamb is about $50 a bag. The boys love it....but then my dogs are rubbish dumps, they eat anything. They didn't have runny stools at all. Was told vets do recommend this brand bcoz it's the easiest food to digest for dogs and felines (feline food).

Sunshine said...

I'll probably try urs next since is grain free,vet recommended and much cheaper!thanks for telling me!!


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