Friday, January 15, 2010

My day off

I've not been blogging for quite some time. I have every intention to blog anything and everything but I'm just not good at time management I guess. Every since I've started working what ever time I have I do other things except blog. I even don't have time to go onto my facebook like I used to be which reminds me my facebook was hacked and that piss the heck out of me *^%*#...I wonder why people has such free time to hack other people's account and send stupid things to others.

Anyway I am trying to maximize my time off today and I thought that I would put some time away to update my blog because I miss blogging and I miss ranting on my own blog!

I managed to go for a nice lunch with Uncle Richie to our usual Vietnamese restaurant by our house for a nice bowl of warm Pho on this cold rainy day! When I came home I vacuum the upstairs and I just got done vacuuming downstairs and mopping the floor. I'm satisfied because nothing irk me than a dirty floor! I'm not sure what I will do next but I wanna update my blog before I start with the next chores.

The last few times when I had day off I would do some housework and go shopping by the time I come home I'm rushing to make dinner or get ready to go out for dinner hence no blogging. Last Friday I went to the mall and was leaving the mall to go to my next shopping destination to find out that I had a flat! I was not too happy about it while I was trying to reach the hub a nice guy stopped and just offered to change my tire. I was hesitant but if I don't accept the offer I'll be stuck there since hubby didn't answer my phone call the first time I called him (I didn't call Uncle Richie which he would have came to my rescue because I knew he was at a meeting). I figure I was at the mall parking lot and there was a lot of people there I was thinking/hoping that he would not do anything to me. Anyway I think I should not doubt people so much because there is still great people in this earth. After the nice guy changed my tires I met up with the hubs to let him check the tires and go searching for some new tires and rims. I didn't get them changed the same day itself because we were waiting and looking for bigger tires and rims. I had to drive with the spare to work the next few days and I felt like I was driving and old noisy truck/vehicle.

We got the new tires and rims on Monday and hubby put it on. The next day we were going out for dinner with Uncle Richie and Aunt L to find out that the tires was rubbing!I don't like that and that cannot happen so hubby called the tire place and I had to go over there to get a different set of tires which was obviously a lot more. In conclusion there goes my next designer bag. sigh!Hopefully the tires will last me!

Anyway my days off are normally Friday and Sunday. I normally take the opportunity on Friday to get some "ME" time and do what I want to do and do things that I know hubby would not do with me. On Sunday I try and do stuff with hubby whether we are out and about or at home.

Another off topic is work. I am enjoying work although work is getting more and more challenging. I am dealing with clients directly more and more which is not a bad thing but some people can be really difficult.

I also miss cooking and baking. Every since I started working I've not really been cooking. We've been eating out a ton and I've only been able to cook several times. I made lasagna one day and the next day I made vegetable soup. This week I managed to make two dinner both with crock pot. The first time I made a pork roast and the other day I made some garlic chicken which didn't taste that good. When my schedule is fix I'm hoping to be able to bake and cook more.

Stay tune for my birthday presents and some other back dated post. I hope everyone is enjoying their brand new year and hopefully everything is going smooth..Cheers :)


2crazydogs said...

My hubs is already back in MN - for good. Things didn't work out for him with the mom - mom point fingers at him and say this say that, so he chup pau fook came back last week. A big bummer coz he was really liking what he was doing and working towards where the old lady wants him to take charge but....I blamed the old lady for being drunk 24/7 so she doesn't know what she is talking about. Now hubs is back at hunting for the type of job he wants (in engineering) and taking care of moving out of the house. i was so looking forward to move to TX, plans down the big longkang!

Sunshine said...

Aiyoo Dawn,Sorry to hear that it didn't work out!if the old lady is drunk all the time cannot ignore her meh?I mean u guys sold the house etc so waste time and money because u guys lower the price of the house so u guys can sell it easily right?
Why can't u guys still move down but don't depend on ur MIL.wouldn't it be easier for ur hubs to find engineering job in TX?
Keep me updated!hopefully everything will work out soon.
P/s wah ur MIL use to be RN also loves to drink and drunk 24/7.she might have underlying problem like depression?maybe?I'm not expert though.


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