Friday, May 27, 2011

My New Toy

Remember when I told you about my bread maker that died here. Well..initially after my bread maker died I told myself that I was not going to buy another one because it cost money and I wanted to save counter space. After using my Kitchen Aid mixer once and almost killing it I thought maybe I should knead my bread by hand instead of killing my Kitchen Aid Mixer. That never happened and I never made bread after that because I was too lazy to knead any bread by hand and worried that I could not do it. Then I thought I would find a use one to get since I'm only using the bread maker to knead my dough but I really could not bring myself to buying a use bread maker. Moreover I don't want to buy a used one and have it break on me a few times after I've used it. Hubby was also not too keen on me looking for a used bread maker although they do say they used it once or never used it who actually knows how many times they have used it and whether it'll break. At least if I get a new one I have manufacture warranty. 

So one day, while we were shopping I came across Hamilton Beach bread maker.  It is almost the same price as my old Sunbeam bread maker and the function was exactly the same! I think they are from the same manufacture but just different look.  I told hubby that I wanted to buy that bread maker because I've not made bread in a long time and I'm actually itching to make bread. Hubby reluctantly took the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker and went to pay for it since I'm pregnant and I cannot carry heavy things (although is really not that heavy but is really a good excuse).

Welcome my new toy added to my collection (collecting dust too)

Hamilton Beach 29881 HomeBaker Breadmaker

After weeks and weeks of leaving it in the box I finally decided to use it last week. I used it two days in a row!! I will eventually blog about the bread I made! lol..I then proceeded to tell hubby forget about me saying that I didn't want another bread maker. I love my bread maker to knead. I don't understand how come I didn't want one after the other one broke. It is so much easier to knead the bread. I think I will always want a bread maker just to knead my bread. I know is a little wasteful but I rather break my bread maker than my Kitchen Aid Mixer right? I think I will always want a bread maker in my kitchen from now on!

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