Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Iphone5 Vs Samsung note Il

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We converted to Apple family a few years ago. We practically changed all our electronics to Apple. I blogged about my Apple family here. I was very excited when I heard they were going to release the iphone5 and actually waited patiently for them to launch it.  I was vastly disappointed when they launched it! It was not much different from iphone4s which I was already using. The only different was it was smaller and lighter.

I told hubby that I didn't want the iphone5 since it was not much different compared to iphone4s. Hubby wanted it because he needed a new phone and he much prefers to use iphone for work. 

I started talking to my friends and she recommended Samsung Note (before iphone5 was launched) since I was vastly disappointed with iphone5 I told hub that I wanted the note.  He told me that Samsung was going to launch note II shortly after iphone5.  Since I didn't want iphone5 my next preference was to try note II (hubs actually tried Samsung Galaxy 3 before and didn't care for it). I patiently waited for it to launch here and as soon as we were able to pre order it hubs pre order it for me. 

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Finally my Note II came last Friday! I've been using it since Saturday and I'm loving it! I do not have any problem going from iphone to Samsung. I was really nervous I would not be use to using Android phone after being use to using iphone. Many years ago before my first iphone I tried the Samsung Captive before and didn't care of it so I was slightly nervous I won't like the Note II.  This phone is pretty huge compare to the iphone but it doesn't really bother me. Pkus if I want a smaller phone when I'm travelling I can always use my iphone4s or use hubs iphone5. I think I can do so many more stuff with the Note II like blogging etc (maybe you will see more posts?) since is difficult for me to use a laptop because I have a very active toddler that's also currently in his terrible two stage that will not allow me to use my computer in peace!

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Samsung Note II screen is obviously bigger compared to iphone5 so is more suitable for older people. Even hubs love the Note II but he cannot use android phone for his work that's all if not he would have definitely change to the Note II I'm pretty sure.. If Apple ever really upgrade their iphone and not the same boring one I will definitely not hesitate to go back to iphone. In the mean time I'm definitely mostly satisfy with my new phone! :)

**This is definitely NOT a sponsored post**


2crazydogs said...

Wow that Note II is big. I didn't care for iPhone 5 either. Instead for my new phone I bought Droid Razr. I'm satisfied with it. Since I don't have a working PC at home anymore (it died on me) I am now using the phone to watch my K-dramas and surfing. I hope I won't kill the phone by watching and surfing so much.

Sunshine said...

My pc works at home but I cannot sit in front of the pc to do anything so I actually started watching my tvb drama these few weeks on my phone too hence lack of updates!

Very very bad! Lol I have great intentions to update but no time between watching my drama and daily chores and taking care of n.

How are you doing? ? When are you moving?


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