Monday, October 27, 2008

Audio Visuals Equipments

Not long hubby and I started dating we attended the same university together (I met hubby through a friend and not really at school). We all know that most universities spare no expenses when it comes to installing or upgrading their equipments. To name a few equipments that they spare no expense would be like the printers, computers, audio visual equipments etc. They were always the top of the line equipments that we had at the university. Hubby is so intrigued by the top of the line equipments he would come home and tell me that next time when he has a house he was to buy the audio visuals equipments like they have at the university!!*faint* I don’t own top of the line audio visual equipments like they have at the university but then I know the equipments are not cheap. I am just wondering if I was the person working at the university buying these equipments how would I know that I am purchasing the top of the line equipments and getting it at a best price. If that person was smart and wanted to save money for the state they would go online and do some research before simply going with a company. I did my own research (just for fun) in case we want to ever buy AV equipments and found that Reflex offers competitive pricing, technical support and much more for buying AV equipments.

If it was me buying AV equipments for the university all the time I would make sure I get the best deal and the best service thus saving a ton of money for the state which leads to saving money for the university which then leads to saving money for the students and parents because we don’t need to pay for such high tuition cost.

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