Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Hubby loves to buy Cinnamon Raisin Bread every time when we go to the grocery store. Last weekend I told him not to buy it and I will attempt making them I mean how difficult can that be since I have my trusty break maker..lol...

So yesterday I decided that I should make some as promised and attempted it

Flour coated raisins

What's left of the bread.

1 C of Water
2 tablespoon of margarine
1.5 C of bread flour
1.5 C of Flour
4tbsp of Sugar
1.5 tsp of Salt
2tsp of Cinnamon
2.5tsp of yeast
1.5 C of Raisins

1. Soak the Raisins in warm water for about 5 minutes so the raisin plump up.
2. Drain the Raisins and coat it with flour (to prevent it from sinking down so much)
3. Put the ingredients according to your bread maker except raisins (mine is wet ingredients to dry ingredients)
4. Add Raisins in after the "first" beep.
5. Bake on Sweet Bread setting.

p/s: I was always told not to put the salt so close to the yeast because apparently it can kill the yeast so I always put mine way at the bottom with the liquids so I don't kill the yeast.

The neighbor came over and I gave them 1/2 a loaf of the bread. Everyone liked the bread including me. See every time when hubby buys them from the store I would not eat them and I am also not sure why but I always tell him because the cinnamon taste is too strong which is not the case but anyway I took it out of the bread maker and I wanted to see if it was cooked and I ended up eating a chunk of it which hubby said that it looked like Stanley got into it..LOL...

When the neighbor dropped by earlier I asked if he wanted to take try some but he said that he wanted to eat healthy and when I talked to him earlier he said he was on his way...So I guess you might be wondering that I just moved here and it sounds like we are really close to the neighbor and that thing is yes we are really close to the neighbor. We actually always go back and forth (well actually the neighbor drops by more because we don't have so many dogs). The neighbor is actually hubby's aunt and uncle Richie that's why I could always toss them some food and be my white rabbit! That's actually where Oreo (she's call Bailey now) is living now too..when our fences was down Bailey would run over with Auntie L and play with Stanley but since the fenced is up now Stanley hasn't played with Bailey but Stanley can see from one of the bedroom that Bailey is there when they let the dogs out.


Shern's mom said...

In that case, hubby never has to buy cinnamon raisin bread from the grocery store again. Homemade ones sure taste better, loaded with raisins I can see. Hehe..

Sunshine said...

yeahh I DID put a ton of raisins because he requested for more raisins..I'm sure he'll buy it from the store that's because he's him..he thinks is easier to buy from the store than make it at home.


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