Monday, June 22, 2009

Sore body and tanned skin

Weekends here has been relatively busy for me. We kicked off the weekend by queuing up in REI for the sale. That's hubby and uncle Richie's favorite store and every time when they have their sale there would be a long queue of people waiting for the store to open. We got there about 7:30am and the queue was already pretty long. We were sitting under the hot son from 7:30am to 10:00 am when the store was opened. Luckily there was a Starbucks opposite the store and I made two runs to Starbucks to get some cold drinks but that was not even enough to keep me cool. Although I applied sun block lotion by the time I got out of the store I was already tanned. The sale wasn't that good. We didn't really got anything but I got a pair of black crocs like I bought the last time for my mom/dad who ever fits into it. In the evening we went to this Chinese buffet place for dinner with Uncle and Aunt Richie and SIL and her hubby. The food was not horrible but I would not go back there again.

Sunday we got up pretty early about 8am (for me is pretty early) to go biking. We managed to bike about 14 miles and I almost didn't make it back because I was so darn tired. My body was sore, I was hot and I was hungry (typical me).I got even darker even though we applied a thick layer of sunblock lotion before we started. Everyone including myself was pretty proud of me because I've not bike for a long time and I was able to bike 14miles with a lot of whining on my way home :P. The same evening we made pizza on the grill because it is too hot to turn the stove on in the house. That's what I assume but hubby wanted to make some cookie that same evening so after aunt and uncle Richie left he started baking his cookies which I must say taste pretty darn good. I wanted some other kind of cookies than what he was making and hinted to him but I told him not too because I won't be able to finish it at the end he still made some for me. He searched the recipe himself and he did most of the washing too :). I am pretty proud of him as I was too tired to help him..:P

I made hubby used some whole wheat flour instead of just the normal once to make it healthier. I don't know what's the second cookie called I just told him that I've been craving for the cookie with jam in the middle. Pepperidge farm used to sell those and I would buy them every time I see it.

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