Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I finally made curry laksa that I've been yearning for the whole of last weekend (I made it on Monday night). Thankfully my mom made some curry laksa paste for me so all I have to do is mix it up and I get a yummy bowl of laksa. I just made some chicken broth to add to it and opened a can of coconut milk so that my laksa is lemak tasting.

My curry laksa looked something like this with some crockles, homemade charsiew and homemade dumpling aka won ton too. I figured that hubby don't really enjoy curry laksa so I made some won ton so that I can make some won ton and charsiew noodle for him. For some reason that night he didn't care for the noodles which I made it like that all the time. I am suspecting is the soy sauce because I changed the brand of the soy sauce. I normally buy Lee Kum Kee and I could not find it at the store the other time so I just bought another brand but I myself don't care for the smell or the taste of that brand. I wonder what I should do with the soy sauce now?

I was so happy that I even have left over that lasted me for the next two morning. So Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was actually lucky enough to have curry laksa for breakfast. I know if I was living in Malaysia it would not be a big deal because I can always have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner but since I'm living here it is actually a treat for me to be able to have these kind of food from home.

I asked hubby what he wanted to have for dinner tonight and he hinted that he wanted spaghetti and meat balls. It is quite a bit of work to make this because I was feeling lazy. Moreover I had to run all over (I took the wrong exit) this morning because I had to go get some prenatal pill since I ran out of the samples that the OBGYN gave me. Anyway when I got home I and rested for about an hour I decided that I should make it for him since I know that it will make him very happy. It took me about 3 hours plus to make this dish because I had to make the meatballs, then the sauce then I decided to make a healthier version of noodles ie my homemade wholewheat spinach noodles since I still have two packet of spinach in the freezer I decided to finish it up. After making noodles some many times for some reason this time I'm having problem with it. This time the dough is so very wet that I had to use a lot of flour. I was getting so tired, hungry and frustrated but then I didn't want to give up and waste all my time, effort, flour and other ingredients and finally made them.
Mine looked something like this except my noodles is green because of the spinach. As I predicted hubby was so happy when he walked in the house after work because as soon as he walked in he could smell the sauce and meatballs simmering on the stove.

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