Saturday, May 30, 2009

Red Robin

When we were up North Red Robin opened up a couple of months before we left for Houston, TX. We've been meaning to give that place a try because is a new restaurant up there and we've pretty much ate at most of the restaurant there therefore Red Robin would be something new for us to try. Hubby's friend mentioned that we should go together and then catch a movie after that but than that never happened and time was not really on our side because we were busy trying to finish up the house, selling the house, selling the furniture and things we had AND packing. I barely had time or the essentials to cook because we were trying to keep stuff away.

Hubby has had Red Robin several times since we moved down here and he's always impressed by the food. I've always wanted to try this place since last year! So last Saturday hubby asked what I wanted for dinner which I initially planned to make Curry Laksa but then I had Korean Ramen for lunch so I didn't feel like eating Curry Laksa for dinner hence I suggested Red Robin. Hubby half heartily agree to take me there since we did ate out and stuffed our face already the night before and we vowed to eat healthier and not stuff our face when we go out and eat.

I like going to Red Robin. I'm not really a hamburger person but I am a fries person and I knew that they had unlimited fries!! We started with their famous onion rings which was really yummy. I ordered the bbq whisky something burger and hubs ordered the tortilla soup. I was actually full after eating the onion rings and drinking my lemonade. When I food came I took about two small bites of my burger and I didn't eat it anymore because I found the sauce a little too salty for my taste plus I was full. I just attacked the fries and hubby made me drink some of his soup while he ate the burger.

Of course we could have just eaten in McDonalds or Burger King and it would be much cheaper but the environment would be different. I would definitely go back there again.

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