Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Left over turkey

Since we had lots of left over turkey from here I had to find ways to used up the turkey. Hubby used the white meat and made sandwiches to take to work for lunch. He's not a big fan of dark meat so I find to find a way to make food with it that he'll eat or I'll end up eating the dark meat myself.

I was trying very hard not to go to the store to buy anything to cook the turkey meat with so I rummage through my fridge and found some left over rice and some cabbage.

I came up with this dish. Kind off like fried rice just that my vegetables was cabbage instead of the normal fried rice vegetables. Since hubby was not eating this dish I cooked it with some of the homemade chili too which reminds me I need to get more dry chili to make more of find another recipe and try it. I am out of my homemade chili already.

The following day I decided to take the rest of the homemade carrot noodles and stir fried it with turkey, green pepper and cabbage.

I started buying cabbage because I know cabbage can be kept in the fridge for a long time. I normally buy my vegetables at the Asian grocery store because I find that they have a wide variety of vegetables and is much fresher since the Asian grocery store is a ways away I try and go there every 2weeks and stock up on vegetables so I have to have vegetables that can be kept for quite some time. Vegetables that I buy that cannot be kept too long I will use it up first and I will only lastly use vegetables like cabbage, bak choy etc.

The following day I decided to make some whole wheat spinach noodles. I bought some frozen spinach and all I had to do was take it out of the freezer. After cooking the noodles it didn't look as appetizing as I anticipated.

Hubby said that it looks like mold *faint* Again I cooked it like how I cooked the carrot noodles.
It still tasted pretty good but I'm sick of cooking noodles with turkey hence I froze the rest of turkey meat until I find something to cook with it. Hubby asked if I could put some coloring in the noodles so that it doesn't look like that *slap head*. I told him that I will make carrot noodles next time but I still have two bags of frozen spinach hence I'm going to be using it and there will be more spinach noodles. Apart from the color it does taste pretty good and is much healthier than normal noodles since is whole wheat and is even vegetarian because I didn't use egg to make this noodle.

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