Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahhh...to have a life as dogs....

Yesterday night while getting ready for bed hubby asked where he was going to sleep because I was sleeping on my side Milo was on hubby's pillow and Stanley was on the edge of the bed his side and both of them looked KO like they have been hard at work the whole day. So I took my camera and showed hubby this

Me: Ehhh look at your puppies. Cute of not? They slept like this when they were taking their nap. Didn't even move when I went to take the camera to take the pictures. So tired!!
Hubby: They sleep all the time?
Me: Yeahh...Like they don't get to sleep at night and so tired during the day.
Hubby: So lucky! I wish I can sleep like them!
Me: LOL..Different people different life!

I know dogs sleep a lot but then take naps almost all day and during the night they sleep like they have been working so hard I wonder why they are so tired. Never the less they are still our spoiled little baby :)

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