Thursday, May 7, 2009

His Majesty Milo!!

Milo is so difficult sometimes. First he refuses to eat the mash potatoes that's suppose to help his upset tummy. Then I had to give him really plan food so I gave him about a tablespoon of white rice and he refuse to eat them. Since he's only eaten his medication which I have to FORCE it in his throat I decided to boil him an egg. I think he was super hunger because he hasn't eaten anything all day and ate up some of the egg yolk which is fine because the egg yolk has more nutrient anyway. This morning I boiled another egg and gave him 1/3 of the egg and a few grains of dog food. He finished the dog food but he refuse to eat the egg even the yolk. Excuse me apparently the egg is not good enough for him anymore. Just two months ago I had to buy another brand of food because he wasn't eating a lot of the current one that I have at home.

He is really picky with his food where as Stanley is the garbage disposal. I heard that kids are like that too. The first one would be so easy and good but the second one is the total opposite. I knew that Stanley is very simple all he wants to do is play with you and FOOD. Where as I have to always get new food for his majesty because he refuses to eat the food that's offered! Arrgghhhh

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