Friday, May 1, 2009


Yearly shots/vet bill (not including when he's sick) - $ 200
Heartworm medication - $50/yr
Food - $ 100/yr
Treats - $ 300/yr
Toys - $50/yr
Accessories (clothes, collar,etc) - $100/yr
Toothpaste - $5 a tube (not sure how many he'll need)
Flea medication, shampoo etc - $100/yr
Grooming - $150/yr

Cost of having ONE dog is about $1050 +/- year (if he is healthy and don't need to go to the vet for other things) and doesn't need anything else. I didn't even add in their neuter fees (one time).
When we first had a dog I didn't think that they would cost us so much. I was told only a few hundred dollars....BUT

I think is all WORTH IT!!They both love me unconditionally (even if I smack them for being naughty) or tease them. PRICELESS!!!

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