Monday, May 11, 2009

6 years dating Anniversary

Saturday was our six years dating anniversary. I cannot believe how time flies and how quickly/slowly this six years has passed. We've had our share of joy and happiness and more to come. We've also had our share of up and down that has made our relationship stronger and wiser.

Since it was our six years dating anniversary hubby and I decided to take a trip to the galleria since we've been there for quite some time. We didn't think that it would be so pack since there is this stink about the recession and everyone is suppose to cut on spending but boy was I wrong. The mall was so pack even LV boutique was packed with people. When we walked in to the store no one even offered to serve us. Well that's fine since we were not sure if we really wanted to spend so much money that day.

Anyway when we got to the galleria hubby was hungry so we decided to find something "light" to eat because I were not that hungry. I asked hubby to decided since I didn't really know what we should eat and since he was the one that was hungry. Since hubby was the one that is suppose to decide where we were going to eat he obviously chose his favorite food - Mexican food of course!

We started our meal with soft drinks and water and then they bought the chips and salsa out.

The chips and the tomato(red) salsa was pretty good. The green salsa which I think is suppose to be guacamole mix was so watery and had no taste in it at all. It tasted horrible hence I didn't even touch it (I normally like to go for the guacamole salsa instead of the tomato salsas). It didn't take the food long to come I think because there was not many people there at that time.
I don't remember what is this call I think is something like enchilada and fajitas mix. It actually tasted pretty good.

The food and price at this place is not bad but I would like to warn about the service. The service here (when we were there) was HORRIBLE. I was so piss with them. First since I didn't order anything they knew I was sharing the dish with hubby they didn't even bother to bring us any plates. All the table had plates for people to put their utensils etc but our table didn't have any and they didn't even bother at all to take us any. Then they didn't really bother to refill our drinks. The people will just walk pass us without even asking us if we wanted anything else. We were out of salsa and chips no one came to asked if we wanted more and if we needed anything. When we needed something we had to call for them which was difficult because they weren't really looking at us and they were just busy chatting with by themselves. The place where we sat and dine was not bad although it didn't look the cleanest but it was alright because I thought they wanted to have the authentic Mexican restaurant feel. When I went in to the rest room I thought I was in the Mexico a part of not so develop town. Let's just keep at there!

In conclusion I doubt I will every go back there. The service is really enough to keep us away to that place.

After we stuffed our little tummies we decided to walk around for a little while to burn some of the food we ate :)

Before we called it good I came home with these goodies. YES another pair of crocs!!!I can fit into these crocs and I absolutely love them but I'm keeping these for mom. I am not going to keep it for myself. I told hubby that is for mom and that's the only reason why I was allow to buy since I already have so many pair of them. Hubby have been looking to get me an organizer for a long time. Initially we thought that we would look at LV's but then since they were so busy we decided to just go Coach instead. I know is already middle of the year but that we didn't think that matters because all we have to do is just change the refills but since is still 2009 I still have 6 months use out of it.

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