Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A long and agonizing night

It was a very long and agonizing night for both hubby and I. Milo started having diarrhea at night so I gave him some mash potatoes. He would not eat the potatoes so I had to forced feed him. At about 10ish he went into the kitchen and we heard a loud noise after that and thinking he hit the crate but to find out that he explosive diarrhea. Poor baby...we quickly took him out again and all that's coming out is liquid. I quickly went online to see if there is any medication I could give him. We did not have the medication recommended so I had to call Uncle Richie to see if they had some and he managed to rummage one Imodium AD. I forced him that took him out and put him in his crate last night. At about 2am he puked out all the potatoes and after that he would puke a little liquid here and there on average every 2hrs so every time when he did that I had to clean it up. None of us including Stanley didn't get much sleep.

This morning I took him out and he's still purging. I quickly went to the store to buy the recommended medication and gave him some. I'm hoping that it'll help because I feel so bad for the poor little guy. I made some white rice for him because I was told not to feed him any dog food but small amount of rice let's hope that this will help. He didn't want to eat any in the morning and after I got back from the store he ate some and I fed him the medication. I hope that he gets well soon. I don't know why he's always sick but I hope that it will change. I know he's so worn out but he still tries to be the cheerful little puppy. I just pray and hope that the medication will help get better really soon.


Shern's mom said...

Poor doggy. So did the medication helped? Hope little puppy is OK now.

Sunshine said...

Milo is alright now mummy shern. Thanks for asking!

yeah I felt so bad for him thank god the medication helped if not *shake head* I don't know how much would it cost again to take him to the doctor.

How's baby shern doing??


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