Friday, May 8, 2009

A new phone

So I've been having small problems with my current phone here and there and I've been getting it changed. The last time I got my changed at the beginning of May I still had a weee bit problem with it. The wall paper is not right and I've had so many phones already I know my background is not suppose to be black (ok I'm being really picky here) and for some reason I'm not able to connect to the Internet with that phone too. So I told hubby to call up T-mobile to complain to them because I've had so many problems with this phone and the last time I called to complain and got an exchange they told me if I still had problems with the phone I could get another phone. The problem was the customer service person didn't write that down in the computer so I'm not allowed to get a new phone. Hubby proceeded with the process by talking to the manager the manager finally said that I could get another Blackberry Pearl replacement OR I can get the G1 which Uncle Richie has that and I don't care for it. Hubby wanted to get me the Blackberry Curve 8310 in Red instead but they could not give me that for free.

Anyhow hubby being hubby has always wanted the curve in Red so finally t-mobile and him came into an agreement. We don't have to sign another contract (because we actually just changed our plan) but we could still buy the phone for the upgrade price. Not a bad deal because I think if you don't sign another contract I'll have to pay USD450 for this phone but I think we are getting it for USD250 so we are saving USD200.

We are really happy(so far) with this phone. I've had it less than 24hrs so we'll see how good this bad boy is. Hubby really love his curve and he wants me to get that too PLUS he really wants the red one so i can trade with him soon I guess.

I'm not sure about other men but mine if he wants something price is not an object(not tooo expensive). Hopefully this phone will serve me/us well without giving us much problems.


Sass said...

hey..why didnt you get the bold?

i got the 8320 last yr cause it can wifi!

and do you finally have a dataplan? then we can bb each other

Sunshine said...

The hubby loves this red one..I didn't even think about the bold I wanted the storm but the cell phone provider don't provide storm.

I didn't switch my plan so I don't think I can bb with you..I'll check on that too..:P


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