Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm back!!

I've been gone for over a month!!0_O Anyone missed my presence yet :P...Don't worry I still blog hop but it is a a little difficult for me to blog on the go that's all although I haven't really tried it yet!

Well I just got back from a week's vacation. We actually drove back to hub's hometown to attend his brother's wedding. It was a simple yet nice wedding I would say. The drove too about 24 hrs and I took all three of my babies with me (hubs said it would be the last time). They are all really good when we are driving down the freeway but if we slow down they get a little excited probably thinking they might be getting out or something.

This trip I ate a lot and my weight went out the window. I ate so much everyday and all I drank everyday was soda/pop or carbonated drinks. I told everyone at work that I lived like most American household :P no offense to anyone but most of the clients that come to my work tells me that!

Since we were living end of September hubs and I were both busy working - hubs trying to get his stuff all done before we leave and me trying to get as much hours in as I can since we were short of people at work anyway. It all worked out but September was sure a hectic month for us though!

It was surely nice seeing family and friends when we got home and catch up with them. There was still a lot of people that we didn't get to meet up with due to time constrain. We just didn't have much time there. We were actually rushing back and we wanted to be back by noon on Wednesday but that didn't happen. We actually drove on our drive way at about 9:00pm. We were both hungry and my babies was hungry and antsy too!

For those who we didn't get to meet up I apologized but there will be more trips to come and most likely we're flying from not on so hopefully then we'll be able to meet up.

Hopefully we'll be more settled in soon and more posting to come...:) have a good day people!!



2crazydogs said...

Nice to see you blogging again. Yes, do missed your postings! :)

Did you let your babies roam freely in the car/truck or put them in their kennels? We don't put our dogs in kennels in the truck anymore....too cumbersome especially their kennels are the big ones. They lay, sit, stand freely at the back but then sometimes I feel super bad especially when we hit the emergency brake...the boys will be all over the back.

Sunshine said...

LOL miss being able to ramble on about what ever I want.

they have the whole back seat to themselves whether we're taking the car or the truck. My two youngest one wants to always jump in front though so before we got home we bought one of the pet barrier so that they cannot jump up front and when we brake they won't fly up front if they are doing acrobatic stunts :) however Milo is small enough he can go through the hole and escape the back seat but he would not sit in front with us he would just sit behind the driver's side or the passenger's side. We did have the truck pretty pack though.


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