Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The puppies

Is been a long time since I last wrote a post about my babies.. Mummy is not neglecting them  but mummy just don't have the time to write about them. They are such a handful that when ever mummy is home mummy will have to deal with them or clean up after them.

Stanley's allergies kicked in full gear this year. He was licking his paws like crazy this hence his visits to the vet. They first gave him some allergy pills hoping that it will go away but that did not help him at all. A month after that we took him to the vet again and they did more test on him. That time the Vet recommended we go on a food allergy test where he could only eat prescribed food, snack, meds, shampoo and lotion. That didn't work so when we went back to the Vet after the two month trial now we're waiting to hear from the lab place in California to see how much would it cost to send his blood work there to test and see what he's allergic too. We're going to do it anyhow but then we just want to know the cost of it so there will be no surprises afterward. It's been almost a week and the stupid lab place still haven't gotten back to the Vet yet so she's trying again as there are a few of her patients are waiting too. Fingers cross that is not going to be a ton more $$.  He's much better now since the doctor gave him a steroid shot and some pills. He's also has some infection from scratching because of his allergies.Yes he's an expensive dog although he's a mutt!

Milo is doing good. Very protective as usual. When we went back up North my BIL was messing with him. My BIL would stare at him and he would go crazy barking at him. He still snuggles with me at night and he sleeps really well. He just hates it when I'm awake in the middle of the night and I mess with him :P  I'm mean ain't I? Hubby said that he would get cranky too if it was him..LOL

Finally my baby girl Daisy is doing great. She's as active as ever. She's really good but just very hyper. The only thing bad about traveling with her is that she sheds a lot..A LOT...I've got so many new toys for her because she's trying to chew everything up! The downstairs of my house has toys at EVERY corner because she takes her toys everywhere. She chewed up a new pillow that I bought for them on our way back from our vacation *shake head*.

We have one too many doggies but never the less they are the highlight of my life. I cannot wait to see them every evening I get done with work. They make me angry but my anger just melts away in minutes.

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