Monday, October 25, 2010

Still has the charm?

This actually happened last month but because I was busy getting ready to go on vacation and working so much that I didn't blog about it. Since I have a little time I think that I should blog about to brag a bit :P..

I deal with women most of the time when I'm at work. Whether I'm consulting clients or I'm seeing new clients. Every once in a while I will deal with men or guys and most of them are older clients. I used to have a set of male clients and some of my co workers would always tell me that they check me out of they are actually come here early to see me or there was one male client he did not have an appointment with me but he actually waited for me until I had time to see him!!! When I tell hubs or Uncle R they would actually tease me and ask me to watch out for their wives!!LOL...
Anyway last month as usual I was at work and a male client - young and quite good looking but his only problem was he was short. I was not wearing heels the second time I saw him and he was the same high with me! Anyway I closed the deal with him and he was suppose to come back to see me just to make sure everything is going on well with him. Well he feels that this is not working for him and so I told him that if is not working for him I will get his refund process so he'll not waste anyone's time in a long run and he will not waste his money with us. I jokingly said that he'll get me into trouble and he proceed to tell me that he rather not have the refund and just forget about it. Having my own principles we went ahead to process his refund. He called me up one week after that seeing if I got into trouble and ended up asking me out for dinner  ^_^ I burst out laughing because I just didn't know how to react. 

NO he doesn't know I'm married because I don't wear my wedding ring to work. I did not tell him that I'm married because I didn't want him to think that it was just as excuses to reject him. I had a very good impression on him because he was so sweet to ask me to keep the refund if I would get into trouble and would actually call to make sure I was alright. 

Hubby and everyone at home up to my close friends and co workers thought that it was hilarious. Everyone was like oh you still have the "touch" Uncle R asked if I would go out with him!! :P..I feel so bad for laughing when he asked me out but I just didn't know what to do and say moreover I was in the lobby!!Thankfully no one was there!

So yeah this boost my ego a little!:P makes me feel like being married doesn't mean that you lose everything. Makes me feel like people still notice me! 

Yes my hubs knows about what happens. Hubs and I don't really/at all have any secret. Hubs is not those kind of people that will get jealous. I think our marriage is very stable that we don't worry about all these. I know a lot of hubby out there might be jealous if they find out but for me thankfully my hubby can joke about all these with me!I'm just thankful to have a hubby that I can talk with and can share everything with him.


2crazydogs said...

I will tell my hubs everything too including the dude at work who wants to go for walks with me at work. (The company has an outside walking trail, he must have seen me out there walking and wanted company i guess.) I told that guy in an email to leave me alone and I'm married!

Sunshine said...

Does he work in your company? I did tell my client I was married so I guess it was my fault 0_0

2crazydogs said...

Yup he works in the company. When he replied my email, he said he didn't know I'm married.


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