Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Some days I feel like I need more than 24hrs in a day. Some days I just wish that the day will come by quicker. I'm so torn!! I've been so busy and with work that I've not actually had an opportunity to turn on my computer ever since I came back!

My life has came into a turn every since I came back from my vacation.  Shortly after I came back from my vacation I was actually offered a promotion at work. With this promotion bare new and much more responsibility. Some days I am absolutely over whelmed at work and just wish that I don't have to work at all!

I've not had my set days off as I have other obligations so I needed her to be more flexible with my days off. I am hoping that everything will eventually settle in soon! I'm so knackered from working actually! I barely have time for anything. I haven't been shopping in a long time..urghh...how I miss shopping actually!

So how do people find time to clean, blog, cook, care for their hubby and children? If anyone have any great advice I'll greatly appreciated! Also I've not slept in the longest time. I need to work every weekend and during the week I normally get awoken by hubs  alarm. I'm also so lack of sleep!!HELP!!

I think I just need to be more organized and go to bed earlier. But 2-3 times of the week I get back from work at 8:30pm so I'm really not sure how will I make it to bed earlier since I have to eat and bath and rest a little before jumping into bed! 

Gosh I sound so whiny but I should end by saying no matter what I'm just thankful to have a job and are actually being able to be busy instead of just rotting at home :)


2crazydogs said...

When hub was working I so needed extra time and sleep too. Now that he is not working, he does all the work for me and even sleep in sometimes. Yeah, the hubs lost his job due to his own fault. I wish I can go splurge a little but have not done that for a long time except for skincare.

Sunshine said...

Hubs lost his job? Is he on the job hunt now? What happened?

Yeahh the only splurge I do is take Stanley to the vet. He's costing us an arm and a leg!:(

2crazydogs said...

Yeah, he was fired coz when he finally fixed his cellphone, he called in too late. He said he is job hunting. I don't want to tell him what to do anymore....he is not a kid.

Oh I know what you mean about vet fees, they are crazy high especilaly with their medications - large dogs, large fees! :(


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