Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold and bitter year

We are struck by a cold year this year. This winter was the worst winter I've ever encounter since I came here. It snowed tons and the weather was way below average. When spring was officially here it was still cold compared to previous years where it would be really hot at the beginning of Spring. I waited patiently for the warm temperature to arrive..volia...last week Monday to Wednesday it was the warmest days we ever had in a long time. I took Stanley out for walks three days in a row because he hasn't been for walks for a long time since winter. Today when I got up and looked out the window this is what I found:

Snow everywhere! It was snowing last night and a little this morning. Is this going to be the LAST snow season we'll have for this year?? I really do hope so but I doubt it...sob sob..

On a random topic..I wanted to show you what Stanley does when we both get out of bed to get ready for the day..

He sits/lay on the bed and watch us get ready patiently waiting for daddy to take him outside

After I finally decides to get out of bed I'll give him a kiss on his forehead before we get out of bed. Then we'll go to the kitchen where I'll feed him. He'll be eating while I wash up in the bathroom. We'll both go into the bedroom together where I'll start dressing up and making up while Stanley will jump in bed with daddy again..When daddy get out of bed that's where he'll be...watching, watching, watching....

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