Sunday, April 20, 2008


I need to be more committed to writing my blog. It is not that I don't want to rewind and update my daily life it's just that I don't have that much time and energy anymore. I was and am still sick since last week. Last week was pretty miserable because my temperature will shoot sky high in the evening therefore I come home from work, shower, eat and go to bed because I feel like crap and I'll wake up through out the night because I'm coughing like heck. I feel a little better by the end of the week but for god knows what reason my temperature returned tonight and again my head is just pounding. We were trying to sell our stuff this weekend and we still have a lot of things to do. Hubby is swamped with school work and the list of chores that he has to get done. We just wish that there are more hours in a day. With me being sick doesn't even help the situation at all and we are planning to have the house on the market hopefully in the next two weeks. Please pray that everything will turn out eventually. If I could I would try and take off here and there but I really don't think it will fly by my manager. I don't even dare to take off even when I'm sick. The problem is I'm feel like crap during the night but I feel decent during the day so thank god is not that bad this time round but what ever crap I have I just hope that it's done with SOON...sigh..

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