Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy Busy

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Hubby and I have been pretty busy doing I don't know what. We always have something to do and not like we just sit around at home. We've also decided to put our house on the market. This next few weeks we are going to try and clean, arrange, and fix stuff that needs to be fixed before having the realtor to stop over and see what else we have to do before we put in on the market. It's going to busy for the next couple of weeks and we're crossing our fingers to be able to sell it sooner. We are not sure what we're going to do if it's sold. We might just rent somewhere while looking for another house.
Last Wednesday we had a huge snowstorm. We are hoping that it'll be the last one and looking forward to summer. The only sucks about this now is the snow is melting and it's making the lawn muddy and every time when we take Stanley out he gets all dirty. Talking about Stanley we spend a bunch of money on him again this weekend ( we are not suppose to buy anything because we don't want to pack so many things). Daddy and me is such a sucker. We went to Target intending to look at a pet trimmer for him. They only had the cheap one there and hubby said that if we get the cheap one it won't last. I wanted to get him a trimmer so that I can trim his face in between grooming. I saw dental sticks and I was thinking Stanley could use some. Hubby saw this bag of bacon and cheese treat and said that we needed to get it for him because he absolutely loves bacon..(I told hubby that Stanley loves everything!)Doggie treats can be pretty spendy. Then today we went to petco and bought his trimmer and a muzzle :P...Those cost a bomb there. Stanley is so dorky he hates the muzzle but every time when he's barking I saw him the muzzle he comes to me for me to put it on but he absolutely hates having it. I normally just put it on him for a couple of minutes until he knows he's not suppose to bark and then take it out. Since it's warming up there are lots of animals out there and this really drives him nuts. He gets so excited when he's out or just looking out the window therefore we decided a muzzle might help us keep him quiet. Since he was so "busy" today he didn't even take his naps hence he's so tired now. He didn't even budge when I went to take a shower. He's sleeping on this chair we have in the living room and I decided to sit with him since he always jumps up and sit with us when we are sitting on the couch anyway and hubby thought I was mean because it's "his" couch now..haha
Since we are planning to move, I've been trying to clear up my fridges/freezers. I have a ton of food. I have two refrigerators and a freezer lol.we can actually live probably a month with all the food we have except for some stuff like milk and vegetables/fruits. Today I decided that we should eat rice for dinner. I came up with some stuff which I was pretty impressed. I made curry chicken, I had frozen beans and mushroom so I decided to just stir fry it with garlic and some soy sauce. Then it was tofu with minced pork; I just cooked it with some dark soy sauce and some chili sauce( not the Maggie sweet kind) finally fish with the tomatoes I had left in my fridge and some tomato ketchup which taste pretty good. I told hubby I was pretty impressed with the food I could come out with by just raiding what we have in the fridge and that's when he mentioned that I had a ton of food therefore it would not be that difficult *blush*..he's right :P..


Sass said...

hey why are you selling the house???

isnt the property market in the states not that great at the moment?

Sunshine said...

B/c we want to get a different house. We want to get something so Stanley can run around. We called the realtor and he said that the market is picking up and if we wanted to do it we should do it soon coz weather is warming up and people are starting to look at houses.

Skwermy said...

Where are you moving to? Still staying in WI? Or moving to MN? :-) We are looking for houses as well..... it's exhausting!


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