Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm so glad the week is over. I've been so lazy this week and I've been leaving my house later than usual resulting in not getting a parking spot. I had to park at the visitors parking(which we are not allowed to do so) for three days because I had to park my car and get into the office to be on time. If I don't park at the visitors parking I would have to park pretty far away and I won't make it on time. Since it was Friday today I decided to wake up as soon as the alarm rings but I still didn't get out of the house any earlier but I wasn't rushing which is a good thing.

I work on average about 8.5-10hours a day therefore I try and enjoy my weekends. Honestly, I think I only have a day off in a week that's also if I don't need to go into to work on a Saturday. Sunday I spend my day doing laundry, cleaning the house, getting groceries, cooking up a storm and other stuff around the house therefore I don't really think that Sunday is my rest day although most of the time I enjoy what I'm doing especially cooking. It's a lot of work especially if I try and make every single thing from scratch but then I really think it's worth while. I try and cook more on Sundays so that hubby and I will lunch for the week (mostly me) and more to freeze for other days and also dinner. Very seldom I cook after work because I get pretty tired when I get back from work. On weekends is also the time I get to spend with Stanley and I have to bath him every weekend too (mostly on Sunday but depending on what we do on Saturdays because if he gets dirty on Saturday I won't wait till Sunday to bath him).

Hubby will normally try and spend his Sundays doing his homework if we have nothing going on that day therefore I will either get stuff done of sit on my butt to watch shows and frankly I think it's better if I move around although cooking food is not a really good exercise too. I know I just go back from supposedly vacation but it was really rush and it wore me out more than relaxing me. I think I need another vacation..
Wish I can do that soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Hopped over from....gee... I don't remember. Anyhoo, Stanley is so cute! :D

Sunshine said...

Thanks!and also thanks for dropping by:)


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