Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's been a great and tiring journey for me since I started work. I'm enjoying every my journey very much although there are some disturbing once in there but I will not let it bring me down. I've learned to accept it; be disturbed by it but yet go on with my life without worrying/caring about those things.
I was luckily enough to have my vacation approved so that I could go for my SIL this past weekend. It was a really pretty wedding and I'm really glad that I made it. I fell in love with Houston, Texas when I first saw it and having to know some people there really made it all worthwhile.
FIL and I after the wedding..

We started our journey on last Wednesday night (12/3/2008)right after work. Stanley was so excited to see us load up the car and was just being difficult the first 24hrs of the ride. He was getting too excited and was making a lot of noise which I just filter it out but hubby could not do that so he was basically upset with Stanley. We drove till about 2am and stopped by a rest area to take a nap and Stanley was just all over still from being excited and barking. Finally we managed to take a couple hours of nap before continuing our journey. Stanley was finally better. He was tired and slept most of the time. He then learned that we would be in the car for the next 12-15hours. The journey to Houston,TX is about 23 hours. We were beat by the time we got there but I was just too anxious to see the things there and obviously to go shopping although this vacation I actually failed to buy anything. The only one thing I bought was a maroon sweater. I was actually looking forward to buy some abercrombie jeans and maybe a coach bag but time didn't permit me to do so. There were so many things to do, people to spend time with yet so little time. I told my FIL and MIL that I would stay there in a heart beat. YES I love it so much there, I love the weather there I love the different culture and of course staying in the city that I just want to stay behind and not come home to this cold cold place.

We had to bored Stanley while we were in Houston because we didn't want to inconvenient hubby's sister or his aunt and uncles. I was so worried that Stanley would be traumatize when we pick him up but luckily he was just his little self..I was worried because Stanley is very attached to us especially me. Stanley needs to be by either one of us all the time. Even when he's laying on one of us some other part of his body needs to touch the other one too.*slap head*
This was taken when we went up to the cabin the last time. Had to sit on daddy's lap even though daddy was driving because mummy refused to let him sit on her lap.

Finally taking a nap but on the suitcase when there was plenty of room.

Trying to go to sleep on the bed in the hotel. Had to sleep with us even though there was two queen size bed!

Cat napping on the smooth surface.

Kepohing(Being a busybody) at the balcony that grandparents rented in Texas

Lazing on grandparent's bed before they arrived.

We went to Keenah (beach side). The Saturday we were there. It was a record setting weather because it was so hot out (but I love it)..Got a slight tan.

Our journey home was also long. Stanley was really good on the way. He would stand on the suitcase so that he's taller and look out the window or he would just take cat naps. Daddy was very pleased with him. I felt like I left my heart in Houston because I love that place so much. We came home to the cold and windy state..sob sob..I was so excited to be at a warm place I forgot to pack some thicker clothing for my way home. I was cold until I arrived home because I was not properly dress. I also came home to a bunch of chores! I had tons of laundry to do, house to clean up, and also knowing that I know I have datelines at work but at the same time my heart was not here already.
Silly boy..

Although we are slowly trying to adapt again (which is insane because we were only gone for a couple of days) but it still sucks because it's still snowing even though spring is suppose to be here already. I called FIL on my way home from work and told him not to come home because it's windy, cold and snowing. I told him to ask my MIL to stay there is she could because it really sucked being here..:P...My FIL said he could not wait to come back to this weather (which everyone agree he's a little sick :P).


shern's mom said...

Stanley is one lucky dog. Really really lucky to have 'parents' like you.
I like that photo of him sitting on his daddy's lap while he was driving, it's like he found the most comfortable place on earth to rest.

Sunshine said...

Thanks!!I hope he knows should see when I smack him too LOL


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