Monday, March 3, 2008

Getting better..

Things is slowly looking better. I'm getting used to working on my own stuff and taking over stuffs because my group is not complete. I'm also going to be moving to my friend's M's group..I'm not going to need to deal with "those" people anymore. I've not spoken to the witch since last Monday and although she's in my team I think I'm doing a GREAT job of ignoring her. I don't care if she thinks that I'm stuck up or if she feel guilty. She can kiss my ass unless she apologize to me for starting the havoc/problems. My weekend was great..I got to catch up on my TVB movies after months and relax because hubby had to work most of the Saturday and later in the evening we went out dinner with friends and their 15months old baby..He was really good while we were all eating..He's really cute..

Another good news is my new team leader (soon to be hopefully *fingers cross*)and my manager has approved my vacation..Yippieee..that means I get to go for my SIL's wedding in Texas. Initially I didn't have to worry about my outfit that I was going to wear for her wedding but not that I'm able to go I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Luckily I have a dress I was planning to wear if I didn't get to find another one and so now I just have to find a pair of pumps/sandals to go with it. I'm so very excited because this is a much needed vacation for both hubby and I. Daddy doesn't want to bring the little puppy with and wants to leave board him here but I insisted on taking my little baby with therefore we've agreed that we'll take him with and board him there for a couple of days at least I can go visit him there. Mummy will not leave you to some strangers for the amount of time that we'll be gone because mummy will miss him tons. It's going to be an interesting drive and I'm hoping that he'll eventually settle down. He's been so spoiled. He's been sleeping with us (in between us) every night and has been a really good boy. Some evenings when we are outside in the living room doing our stuff he'll just jump in bed and sleep on daddy's side because he's used to me being on my side at night when I go to bed first. I think he'll whine his little head off if he has to go in his crate at night. He's really good about going in his crate in the morning when we have to go to work therefore I am allowing him to sleep with us on the bed as I don't want him to feel coop up in there all the time.

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