Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last Sunday before going to bed hubby decided to spend some time with me looking at stuff on the Internet. What should we look at??Of course puppy from the shelters. Petfinder has dogs that's in the shelters to be adopted. We found a couple that we like and hubby said that he'll call on it Monday. Monday afternoon I called hubby if he called the shelter and he said no because he said that we don't really need two dogs. Well..I always say that two is not really more work it's just more money needed to be spend on the them but I really want Stanley to have someone to play with instead being by him self all the time. We were having dinner tonight and hubby told me that he called the shelter. My heart stopped for a second from being so excited..I asked him what they said and he told me that he just got their answering machine..*sob sob* however he said he left a message for them to call him back *yeah yeah*..There is hope..there is hope for Stanley to have a play pal..This also means that we're going to have to change our bed soon if we get another one because Stanley is already taking up some space with another one we are going to need a bigger bed. Stanley will normally start by sleeping ON me and in the middle of the night he'll mingle himself in between us and he's difficult to be shoved!He don't mind being squished in between us at all in fact he wouldn't even move when we sandwich him..therefore two is going to be INTERESTING..lol...*fingers cross*

Oh and with only Stanley we have toys all over the floor that sometimes hubby or me will trip on it and lately Stanley loves to take his toys on the bed and play there. Hopefully with two the both of them can play on the floor but we'll see second one might not be anytime soon though unless we find one we really like and Stanley can get along with.

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