Thursday, February 26, 2009

Los Cucos Mexican Restaurant

Hubby and I are no food connoisseur but we do love to go out and eat when ever possible. Hubby lurvvvveeeessss Mexican food and every week I seriously mean ever single week he wants to go eat Mexican food (if it was up to him every day). I tell him all the time that he should have married a Mexican girl instead of a me. Anyway last Friday before we went to the hospital to visit Uncle Richie I promised hubby that we would go out and eat that day so what does he want to eat is no surprise to anyone now. We've been to Los Cucos with SIL, her hubby and a friend before and I really like this place especially their guacamole dip but we forgot what it it call but luckily we kind off remember where is located. So off we went (stuck in traffic) to try and find this place. I made a mental note that I should really start taking pictures of the restaurants we've been to so that we at least know what it is called.

This time hubby didn't really care for their salsa because it was warm. Hubby very much prefers his salsa to be cold therefore he didn't like that too much instead he thought that the guacamole dip tasted quite good which is weird for me because he don't eat avocado at all and he tried the guacamole dip this time around. For me the main reason why I like this place and wanted to go back there was because of the guacamole dip because I don't know or see much Mexican restaurant that actually serves guacamole dip. I liked their different variety of fajitas (that's what I always get when I eat in a Mexican restaurant). I love most of the food that we ordered but I didn't really care for the beans that came with my fajitas.
yummy chips and salsa

My fajitas

I don't remember what is this called. Is not a salad or tacos but I think it might be called Queso

The location of the restaurant is not the best place especially on a weekday because you are bound to be stuck in traffic a little. The place is large enough to hold a lot of customers and so far they have great servers there. We would definitely recommend this place to other people.

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